Uncharted Craft Maker Is Taking Online Donations To Battle Cancer

David Vigil has stomach cancer. He's been fighting it for a while now, but without health insurance, the 24-year-old is having a hard time paying for the medical procedures he needs to battle his disease.

So he's turning to the internet.

Vigil, who runs a company called Vigilante Leather (and whose Uncharted-themed work has been featured on Kotaku), is hoping to raise $US60,000 on IndieGogo. The funding campaign ends tonight.

"I've done my research and I've seen how these fundraisers have worked out for people in need and I can only pray that this can help me in my time of need," Vigil writes. "How things are going I know I had to face my fear and ask for help and I'm doing just that."


    This is why Australia is awesome.

    WTF. I just went to contribute, 6 minutes left - and it came up with an error, said it had expired.

    I hope the $26,464 he did raise goes a long way.

      He didn't hit 60,000 so he won't get any of it.

        That's not what it looks like according to his FB page:


    Doesn't anyone consider America a third world country?

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