You'll Always Have Time For Treasure-Hunting With This Uncharted Watch

You idolise Nathan Drake. You half-tuck your Henley shirts in the style of the handsome adventurer and quietly mutter to yourself when solving life's puzzles. The only thing missing from your daily tribute to the PS3 hero is a rugged manly timepiece like the one Drake wears.

Well, fret no longer. Over on Etsy, accessories designer David Vigil offers up two watch designs that pay homage to the gear worn by Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2 and 3. They're not a bad look, even if you're not a hardcore gamer.

Vigilante Leather [Etsy, via OTL Gaming]


    Never played Uncharted, but damn those watches look awesome!

      They are some of the best games this generation, go play em at a friends house or something!

    A real man would wear an automatic. Not some battery operated toy.

      Yeah because "real men" also spell their name with a "z" at the end.

        I'm a female.

      If you had clickrd on the link you would see that there are two watches availiable and ones an automatic.However both are just el-cheapo submariner knock-offs I wouldnt be caught dead with and dont think Nathan Drake would be either..

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