The Voice Of Nathan Drake Unboxes Uncharted 3's Collector's Edition

Nolan North isn't just the voice of Uncharted 3 star Nathan Drake, he's also a pretty awesome video game unboxer. Sure, it's no Gawker HQ rooftop unboxing, but it gets the job done.


    Talk about playing with yourself..... ;D

    Isnt there supposed to be like a wooden box that can hold 19 games in it?

      This is the US edition.The European edition comes with the gigantic wooden box.

        Something I found interesting about the European version, is that EB Games are advertising it with the Wooden Travel case, as well as an antique travellers box

    Special editions suck ass! Haha!

    Lol too funny. I wanna get this, but it costs $200 in Aus. :O

    Is it me or did that figurine look more like Harrison Ford than Nathan Drake?

    $100 -> $200! c'mon, the exchange rate can't be that bad!

    It ain't. The Aus dollar is stronger than the US one at the moment. They just like to rip Aussie gamers off :(

    As much as I love the quips in that preview, the parts where he has to do the contractually-obligated shill by giving a shout-out to corporate partners with specific details is very jarring.

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