Want To Play FIFA Against Snoop Lion? Sure Thing, But He Prefers Madden

Considering that Snoop Dogg's Ask Me Anything on Reddit is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internet, I'm truly thankful he talks about video games enough to justify me posting about it in Kotaku.

The Ask Me Anything is currently ongoing, and it is an absolute must read, mainly because — unlike most other AMAs I've read — Snoop is pretty much open to answering anything. Apparently Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson "can smoke".

But when asked what his favourite video game was, his reply was "MADDEN ALL DAY". Also, it appears he was happy enough to add the gamertag of a player who wanted to play FIFA with him.

But seriously, just check it out. It's definitely the best Ask Me Anything I've ever seen on Reddit.

I'm Snoop Lion! Ask me anything!! [Reddit]


    Ahh no. Lame.

    Summary: He's high, and he smokes a lot, and he wants it legalised, and he has a lot of favourites.

    My favourite was the question about the name Snoop Lion though. Something like, why did you choose it? His answer was along the lines of 'it was given to me'.

    Since when has something not being about video games stopped Kotaku from posting it? You get non-gaming related stuff on this blog daily.

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