The War Z Gets Suspicious Microtransactions

The War Z Gets Suspicious Microtransactions

Despite some negative press, zombie survival sim The War Z has launched on Steam and gone straight to the top of the bestsellers charts.

So it’s curious timing that, just as the game was hitting those lofty heights, developers Hammerpoint Interactive quietly released a patch, which introduced a new “feature”.

Previously, a dead character (you can have up to five) would have to wait 60 minutes before they could respawn. Tough, but it’s a tough game. Now, since the patch, your respawn time is four hours.

Sounds insane, and it is, but to get around it, Hammerpoint also brought in a glowing green button that lets you respawn instantly. Provided you pay. Real money.

The War Z isn’t a free-to-play title, or a cheap iPhone game, it’s a retail product that people have already paid at least $US15 for (there are more expensive bundles available that come with in-game currency). Now, on the very day it hits some unexpected sales success, a patch brings in a fundamental form of microtransaction?

A cynical man would say the two might just be related.

Understandably, there’s already an uproar, with a Reddit thread criticising the move, as well as numerous threads on the game’s official forums.

Some fans are saying it’s not that big a deal, pointing out that since you have five character slots you can cycle through them. The counter to that, of course, is that it introduces a “pay to win” element to the game, where those coughing up for instant respawns can improve their characters at a faster rate, something you shouldn’t have to contend with in a retail product, especially one that’s already so full of griefers as The War Z is (my first two deaths in the game, like the one above, were from human snipers).


  • So the devs could have teams of pro players going around killing other players so they make more money. I will give this game a miss me thinks….

  • Didn’t it get revealed as a scam and Steam started giving refunds for it? Kinda sad to see people actually spending their money on this and supporting these nefarious practices…

  • Seeing as how when you die you lose everything, and the XP you gain is meaningless, I don’t see a reason people would bother to pay anything to respawn a character. Just delete it and start a new one. At least then you would have a weapon..

    • That’s only on hardcore mode. On normal mode you keep everything. That’s the difference it’s been touting between this and dayz. Exp buildup etc would be kept over etc.

        • The exp build up for skills (SUPPOSEDLY) is going to carry over when implemented (I say this between laughs) on normal mode. Thank fuck I stick to dayz, not because I’m a fanboy, god knows it has issues, but because I don’t wanna be scammed 😉

      • Is there a way to actually check your accumulated XP? I could not see how much I had racked up.
        Also, my experience was that you lose all your inventory when you die.

        • I believe they were implementing it later. Along with everything else supposedly. I’ve sat and watched it being played at a mates, thoroughly unimpressed. There was a good game to be had here just not by these assclowns.

  • These devs

    It’s like the scummiest thing I can recall all year

    First they outright lie, in the Steam description and say “It’s not a lie, its just how the text is perceived”

    And then, fuck the respawn time from an hour *already pretty long* to four hours

    And add an instant respawn button, which costs real cash

    Douche-Dev of the year award? Do we give that out?

  • definitly giving warZ a miss, I’m not partting with my money which i hardly have just to have it scammed away ^.^ plus MMO PvP is always unfair andboring they should of made it co-op no player killing player unless they agree to fight.

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