Wii Fit Hit Wii U In 2013, Comes With A Fancy New Pedometer

Before we get into the meat of this I'd like to ask a question — has anyone here ever genuinely been helped by Wii Fit? And by that I mean either lost weight by using the balance board or been inspired to lose weight by other means whilst using Wii Fit?

It's hard for me to see it. The games on Wii Fit simply don't seem active enough for me personally. I still use my Wii Fit balance board regularly, but I use it only because I don't have a reliable set of scales. That's it. I can't remember the last time I tried to exercise using it.

But anyway — the news itself. Nintendo has announced that Wii Fit U will be heading the Wii U in the first half of 2013. Hopefully that rough release date will translate across to Australia, but we're yet to hear confirmation. The Fit Meter, a fancy new pedometer type thing will also be part of the package.


    It's for that reason Wii Fit U won't sell nearly as many copies as the original. People are wise to how ineffective it is.

    Those are some seriously ugly feet for a what I can only assume is a foot model.

    My nanna got a Wii Fit to keep a bit active, but it ended up doing her more harm than good. She was advised against using the hoola game as it was bad for her hips or something like that.

    I've lost/kept off about five kilos and gotten fitter than I was (to be fair, I was pretty unfit) with Wii Fit, and am genuinely looking forward to Wii Fit U. Mostly because I won't have to use the television to use it.

    Needs an interactive cooking game, fitness is 90% diet, 10% standing on a stupid bit of plastic...

    Oh, so we're not supposed to stand on the Wii U Gamepad?

    A friend has M.S and used the wii board to help correct his posture and balance. Walks much better and doesn't wear out one shoe faster then the other now.

    All those soccer mums with love handles who bought Wii fit to loose weight, won't fall for this again.

    Pedometer, aye?

    Hopefully it gets used for a 3DS Play Coin style thing outside of Wii fit.

    That'd be coooooooooool.

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