Your Circuit Board Cannot Be This Cute

By default circuit boards are nerdy. But this circuit board is not just nerdy. It's cute. Don't believe me? Check out the other side.

Bam! See? Cute. This is the AZPR EvBoard, aka the "Circuit Board Shojo". Shown earlier this year (check Kotaku Japan), this is a programmable board for hobbyists.

Recently, the board is being packaged with a computer fanzine called Dojin Hard, reports Akiba Blog. You can pick it up in Akihabara at retailer Comic Zin. The fanzine also includes a piece with digital artist Julie Watai on modding Furby. Yes, Furby.

生基板付き同人誌「ドージンハード」 [アキバぶろぐ] 基板少女 PCB Girl [YouTube]


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