Zynga Launches Mobile Gaming’s Answer To Battlefield Heroes

Zynga Launches Mobile Gaming’s Answer To Battlefield Heroes

Available today on iOS and coming soon to Android, The Respawnables is Zynga’s first mobile multiplayer online shooter, bearing a striking resemblance to a pair of popular PC games.

Developer Digital Legends worked on the mobile version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so drawing a little inspiration from the cartoony free-to-play PC entry in the franchise is understandable. Teams of up to eight players can battle against each other in maps that bring to mind Valve’s Team Fortress 2, go crazy in an online free-for-all match, or just play solo missions until they’ve built up enough confidence to take the show on the road. Online play earns experience points and cash, the latter invested in hundreds of pieces of equipment, decorative and functional alike. It’s derivative, but in a welcome sort of way.

It also plays quite well, even if I keep getting killed by an arsehole with dual pistols.

The Respawnables [iTunes App Store]

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