$350 Representation Of Nathan Drake's Half-Tuck



    I need this and the Gordon Freeman one too.

    But seriously, DAYUUUUM.

    Last edited 31/01/13 2:03 pm

    That scarf is bloody dynamic as HEEEEELL

      Though Drake is cool and all, I would have been more likely to buy the big Metal Gear Rex figure than this

        AMEN @ piat. And the REX model is more affordable too! ;) Can't wait for th Play Arts Kai MGR Ninja Raiden model and i really hope they get to make MGS4 Old Snake Play Arts as well!

    OH EM GEE!! i love it! I got the collector's statue from the U3 explorer's edition BUT!! this model is waaay more AWESOME!! :'( I'm going to be broke again wahhhhhhh..... too expensive... not much $$$.... US$350!? noooooooooooo!!!

    A pity about the face - there is something just a bit wrong about it. Other than that, they should have made the scarf out of microfibre or something so that the folds and stiffness of the material wouldn't give away the scale.

      yeah, i thought the face was off too...a bit too George Clooney...or something.

    face too mean

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