App Review: This Awesome Action RPG Is The Work Of One Man

This entire game is the work of developer Dong-kyu Kim. He developed the story, revolving around a lone warrior in Ancient China battling hordes of demonic undead. He created the sharp anime visuals. He composed the music.

He built an expansive freemium game with the feel of a Dynasty Warriors title and a brilliantly simple single-finger control system. He layered it with upgradeable skills and stats, a rewarding achievement system, a collectible champion system, weapon and equipment forging and battle pets.

Hidea's Dong-kyu Kim did all of these things, so I'll excuse him for not coming up with a more compelling name than Undead Slayer.

The title nearly caused me to pass the game by entirely, assuming a generic name equals a generic game, but the anime-style graphics caught my eye and the promise of intense 3D combat without a screen cluttered with virtual controls pulled me in, and I doubt I'll be escaping anytime soon.

Undead Slayer's control system is what impresses me the most. A single finger is all I need. A tap on the screen sends my character in whichever direction I touch, automatically attacking enemies that come into range. Holding down my finger charges a heavy attack. Along the side of the screen are my skills, unlocked as I grow in level. I tap them, pick a direction, and go to town. Correctly timed swipes launch my character at a single enemy, the camera zooming in as I perform a brutal fatality. On the left side of the screen are my captains, additional collectible characters I can swap between during battle. Swapping in mid-attack leads to combos.

Check out the gameplay video I grabbed below. Does that look like one finger's worth of action?

Undead Slayer

Genre: action RPG Developer: Hidea Platform: Android, iOS Price: free Get Undead Slayer on iTunes Get Undead Slayer on Google Play


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