Fallout Meets Zombie Survival In This Combat Demo For RPG Dead State

Doublebear Productions, founded by Black Isle and Troika veteran Brian Mitsoda, is currently hacking away at Dead State, a zombie-themed RPG with a focus on character interaction and the grittier aspects of post-apocalyptic survival. Yesterday, the developer released its first gameplay demo, giving us a chance to see the title in action.

Apart from the ability to manipulate the camera, the game is instantly comparable in both style and feel to the Fallout games of old, right down to the use of action points and two-handed wielding system.

With the focus being on staying alive, Doublebear has been careful to manage the incentives of tussling with zombies and the hostile living. As Mitsoda mentions in the clip, killing things won't award you skill points, instead, you'll have to complete objectives and build up your safehouse.

The studio has made some interesting decisions regarding the effectiveness of weapons, with blunt instruments trumping edged ones, the rationale being that sharp weapons are better against targets that can bleed (or are affected by bleeding). Last time I checked though, decapitation or a piercing implement to the face was the preferred method of disposing of the undead.

That said, you can apparently get one-hit kills by sneaking up to a zombie with a small, piercing item, such as a screwdriver and performing the necessary act of amateur surgery.

Finally, sound plays a role in how noticeable you are, with a decibel counter in the top-left corner keeping track of the racket you're causing. The louder you are, the more delicious you become to nearby zombies.

Dead State is due out December 2013 for PC, though it's unclear whether this includes Mac and/or Linux.

Dead State combat demo [YouTube]


    "Last time I checked though, decapitation or a piercing implement to the face was the preferred method of disposing of the undead"

    They also become blunt quickly with extended use on the human body and could also can get stuck in the body meaning that you've lost your weapon or need to spend time dislodging it while vulnerable.

    Bludgeoning weapons would logically be more effective, assuming the wielder has the strength to fracture/break the skull and that's it's not easily breakable with extended use.

      Depends. Best weapon is always the one that doesn't require you to be around them... i.e. Running the hell away!

      However, in the case you can't? I suggest the old machette for one on one. However like you said, it can get stuck.

      Fact is there is NO perfect weapon. Not one. Rifles take skill. So do firearms, all hand to hand weapons take skill. Swords? Please. You can't instantly pick one up and 'know' how to use it. People need practice. Try swinging one something, unless you *know* how to swing a katana properly, you aren't going to do much better than a surface slice.

      But for the novice, I agree, a good, heavy blunt weapon. A very thick wooden bat, or a lead pipe, something not too short. A sledgehammer is not recommended.

      Anyhow back to WWZ! (World War Z, the book NOT The War Z!)

        That book is awesome. The audio version, although abridged, has a very interesting cast of voice actors - worth checking out as well.

        Last edited 16/03/13 12:35 pm

          Yeah, love the book, read it like 20 times now, love the audio book as well... the movie, I just have no burning desire to see the movie, it's not the book I know at all...

      I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

      Its the only way to be sure

    Love this dudes voice, so many vampire bloodlines memories (news reporter if I remember right?).

    This will probably be out before Project Zomboid does, considering it Micecraftesque development speed. :P

    Would be better if you could control your allies, not just yourself.

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