Does Anyone Actually Need A Bejeweled Board Game?

PopCap's addictive casual puzzler has sold millions of digital copies; pretty soon it'll be able to supplement its huge pile of cash with money from board and card game versions as well.

Shacknews reports that PopCap and Hasbro have inked a deal for two Bejeweled games to be released this year; Bejeweled will be a board game that gives you physical gems to swap around, while Bejeweled Frenzy will be a card game version of the match-3 puzzle title.

The phenomenon of video games becoming physical games is nothing new; Zynga's had a number of its games made into board games, and even earlier than that, arcade titles such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong had board game counterparts; I had the Donkey Kong board game when I was very young and loved it — at the time. Then again, I was very young.

Is there any real appeal in a casual board game version that'll undoubtedly take longer to set up than the average game of Bejeweled Blitz takes to play? [Shacknews]


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