Don't Like How Your Game Looks In The Upcoming SimCity? Give It The Instagram Treatment

One cool feature in Maxis' upcoming SimCity is the "filter" setting, which lets you view your city through all manner of lens. You can choose any of over a dozen filters, from soft-focus "warm" to a Sin City-like black and red, to "vintage," which will look familiar to most anyone who has endured used social media photo servies over the last several years.

SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley is quite fond of the filters, and has posted a bunch of examples of them in action. Chris took those filters and put them into the video above, which shows you how they work. I could not approve of the soundtrack more. (Check out Chris' excellent SimCity Soundtrack Mixtape here.)

I spent a big chunk of time playing the game earlier this week, and will have a full preview next week. I did enjoy the filters, though I couldn't help but wish they were accompanied by a text-filter that put the game through Gizoogle.


    That video had me on the edge of my seat -- nail-biting stuff!

    Man, I hope that music isn't on the soundtrack lol. So annoying.

      you know it is the BGM from Sim City 2000 right?

        Of course he did, since every single person ever played Sim City 2000.

        I make love to that music... myself.

        No, I never played it. I played 3000 though.

    I'm so used to junk articles that I nearly skipped over this one after reading the title. Made it sound like someone had just taken a couple screen shots and run them through instagram (or something similar.) I was much relived when I noticed the word feature and ralised they were actually talking about the game.

    Still I've had enough perfectly good gaming experiences ruined by always online DRM that I won't be picking this one up. At least not until it's dirt cheap and cracked.


        I'm with them, so long as these silly DRM measures are in place I'll be making sure to purchase my games in such a fashion that the developer receives as little money as possible.

          Agreed. Buy the game because you should not pirate games but don't give these people full retail price for a frustrating experience that actual pirate's don't have to tolerate.
          Not that these b.s. artists like EA will learn.

    Vivid really makes them pop out, and I can definitely see some machinima film noir's happening.

    No amount of filtering will make this look like a good game when you can still see DRM and DLC :'( Boo @ EA.

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