GameStick Falls Off Kickstater Briefly Over IP Issues

GameStick Falls Off Kickstater Briefly Over IP Issues

You’d imagine that developing a new console system could well be a minefield of intellectual property related issues surrounding patents, design and the like. Recent Kickstarter project and Android-based tiny console GameStick overnight got pulled for the oddest of reasons.

You’d figure if you were going to get pulled from Kickstarter over IP issues, it’d be because there was some obscure patent over, say, directional pads, button placements or the use of Android itself. Despite having exceeded its initial target figure a couple of times over, GameStick instead found itself removed from Kickstarter overnight, although it is back up now. The reason? According to GameStick’s Facebook Page,

This IP issue has NOTHING to do with our design or product!
It’s a small snag in one of our promo videos demonstrating a game that was exposed without clearance. An oversight and one that we’re editing in the video now.
We’ll get back up and running hopefully as soon as possible.
Thanks, everyone, for your support and understanding!


Then they posted a cat picture showing they were re-editing their video footage to remove the presumably-early-leaked game. After all, isn’t everything on the Internet better with cat pictures? [GameStick via Polygon]


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