Gaming App Of The Day: This Shark Prefers To Dine On Angry Birds

If Gameloft ever wants to shed its reputation as a studio that copies other people's ideas and repackages them, then they probably shouldn't be releasing games like Shark Dash.

Not that it's a bad game. It's decent! But it's as shameless a ripoff of Angry Birds as you could hope for, copying most of that game's key foundations, from the drag-and-flick physics to the way missions are cleared.

Those few things Shark Dash does of its own accord are welcome; once you knock them in the water, the ducks you're trying to eat will float right into your mouth, and there are tricks like accelerator gates that add a layer of complexity to puzzles.

First released earlier last year, Shark Dash is now free to download, but you can pay for better sharks and power-ups.

Shark Dash [iTunes App Store]


    All ios/android apps you pay for are other peoples' ideas repackaged and sold - albeit with lower quality graphics and gameplay, which developers in the 80's & 90's would have laughed them into bankruptcy... the amount of juice in modern hardware, allows for beautifully fluid, 2D animation, yet games made in the 80's and 90' shit all over them! If developers could achieve 60fps/hand drawn animation on the 8bits & 16bits, and beautifuly fast code decades ago. There is no excuse, with todays' hardware. (*of topic/who cares)

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