Monopoly Thinks It's A Comic Book, Wants To Kill A Game Piece

Hasbro, perhaps after a sharp blow to the head, have decided a good way to get people interested in Monopoly again is to launch a campaign where one of the game's iconic pieces is killed off.

Not only are they messing with a tradition that didn't need to be messed with, they're handling it in a fairly obnoxious way by putting it to a vote.

On February 5, the original piece (wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble, iron, dog, car or battleship) with the lowest votes will be gone, replaced by a... toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar or diamond ring.


(Though, OK, the robot is pretty great, since you can pretend you're in a Japanese monster movie. That THAT, Pall Mall. Rargh).

Token change for 'Monopoly' to replace an iconic piece [USA Today]


    Needs more Godzilla and king Kong.

    I don't like any of the new pieces

      #why #does #everyone #hashtag #everything #?

        How else will Harli know what we're talking about?

    What happened to the hat? & the thimble? and the goddamn cute puppy?!?!?!

    man.... you've changed monopoly. you used to be cool.

    Personally, I almost never used the real pieces anyway. My childhood Monopoly games were filled with Smurfs, Lego men, Mighty Max, etc. Much more fun that way.

    These days I just play the Monopoly card game. It's so much better.

      We had the Australian edition of monopoly...with Telecom and Sydrail and junk. Had all the original pieces to play with tho, plus a koala. We too favoured using anything as peices however.

    ... That robot has a moustache, I need it

    Such a beat up, my wife's version of monopoly already has updated tokens, such as skateboard, mobile phone, hamburger, roller blade, passenger jet and f1 race car.

    Still exactly the same, boring game....

    No need to have the iron any more. BRING IN THE ROBOT.
    Won't be enough to make me want to buy Monopoly though.

    You should all buy Monopoly Streets which is the best incarnation of the game (board or video) I have ever played.

    Also the iron needs to get the arse and robot can come in.

    Also I too have the physical Australian version - the koala is great!

    The World of Warcraft and Futurama versions are all I need.

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