When Monopoly Meets Planet Coaster

When Monopoly Meets Planet Coaster
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Instead of simply turning Monopoly into a neat theme for a ride in Planet Coaster, creator Chant went one step further. Several, in fact.

In most Planet Coaster rides, the theme is the ride. But in Monopoly: Planet Coaster Edition, the Monopoly board serves as both the base for the park, and a challenge for the player to conquer:

The general idea is to roll the dice and complete the various Planet Coaster-themed objectives as you go. All your coasters, shops, and the rest of the park gets built in the centre of the Monopoly board.

You’re not limited to building your park one roll at a time – that’d be incredibly slow – but as per the rules, you can only place a star on each property once your game piece lands on it. To earn higher-tier objectives, you’ll need to increase your park’s overall ranking.

It’s a clever use of Monopoly mechanics within Planet Coaster, which for the most part has been used more as a canvas to rebuild themed rides or themed parks. The park was made for a Planet Coaster scenario competition that’s being run by the Channel5 Gaming YouTube channel.

You can add the Monopoly: Planet Coaster Edition scenario to your game via the Steam Workshop. Hopefully it inspires more games-within-a-game scenarios. Surely someone out there has the dedication to bring Mario Party back to life. Surely.

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