Nintendo Chief: Wii U Sales ‘Not Bad’

Nintendo Chief: Wii U Sales ‘Not Bad’

Hey, Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, how’s the Wii U selling? Good? Great? Awesome? Fantastic?

“At the end of the Christmas season, it wasn’t as though stores in the US had no Wii U left in stock, as it was when Wii was first sold in that popular boom,” Iwata told Reuters. “But sales are not bad, and I feel it’s selling steadily.”

Not bad! Could be worse! No complaints!

Interestingly, Iwata also talked about the difficulty of selling two different models of Nintendo’s new console at the same time. The basic model ($350 in Australia) comes with an 8GB hard drive and a white finish. The $430 premium model is black, and comes with a 32GB hard drive and a copy of Nintendo Land. The basic package, Reuters reports, has been stuck on store shelves, while the premium Wii U is sold out all over the place.

“It was the first time Nintendo released two models of the game console at the same time … and I believe there was a challenge with balancing this,” Iwata said. “Specifically, inventory levels for the premium, deluxe package was unbalanced as many people wanted that version and couldn’t find it.”

Year-end Wii U sales steady, says Nintendo chief [Reuters]


  • What struck me was that the difference in the 2 packages was not enough for people to go the basic, for the $70 less, for an extra $70 you get 4 x the “storage”, a better looking console imo, and nintendo land, which seems to be the game of choice for any group of people atm, omg i love getting all the candy 😀

    if the price difference was in the hundreds then yeah, the basic would have sold, it just seems a silly choice from nintendo.

    • I was just thinking that. I don’t want a Wii U at all but (if I did) for that price difference I’d be crazy to buy the basic package.

      Maybe if it was under $300, that would make more sense.

          • I mean that you get a ‘good’ deal with the pro console against not buying a wii u at all. I think the lower price point model was never meant to sell, just to make the pro version look like a good price.

    • No, there’s a sensor bar packed in with the Wii U. The problem is if you don’t own a Wii, you need to buy Wii remotes and/or nunchucks for Wii U multiplayer. That’s a huge additional investment.

  • I bought a basic package as I already have a wii so dont care about a sensor bar and am just going to plug an external hard drive into it anyway so space isnt an issue for me. 32gb or whatever the premium is isn’t much anyway so figured id buy the game I wanted with the money saved.

    Great decision though, am really loving the console.

  • This is different to how it was with Microsoft and Sony. With them, customers who didn’t really know what they wanted would get confused with all the different models of 360 which were available. You’d explain the hard drive, but all they’d hear is “$100 extra”. By five years in, when Kinect came out, there were so many different versions on sale at once (7 different SKUs, I counted at one point) that you’d not bother explaining half of them. It wasn’t as bad with Sony, fortunately, as the hard drive was really the only differentiating factor.
    At least there’s an easy distinction to make with Nintendo – whether or not it has a game included. Regardless of their stock balancing issues, at least they know what people want now. I’d expect that white bundle to slip quietly away sooner rather than later – a game bundled in is always a good incentive, particularly to people who are used to how Nintendo do things from when they bought their Wii.

  • I bought the basic.

    Worked out cheaper for me.

    Wii U basic $349 including Zombi U and Just Dance 4 (from JB)
    Sensor bar $20 (from Nintendo)
    32GB USB $15 (anywhere)

    Sold Just Dance 4 for $49.

    White Wii U Premium with a better game? $335

    Check mate, and I don’t have to deal with the a fingerprint magnet console and controller.

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