Passionate Suikoden Fans Are Swarming Konami's Facebook Page

A whole bunch of people who really love Suikoden are spamming Konami's Facebook page to show how much they care.

It's an organised campaign started by the ever-growing Suikoden Revival Movement, a Facebook group started to unite fans of the classic RPG series, which Konami seems to have abandoned in North America and Europe.

The Revival Movement asks their members to head to Konami's Facebook wall and write that they'd like to see Suikoden and Suikoden II, the first two games in the series, released for digital distribution worldwide. It's a lovely goal. Here's hoping Konami listens.

This movement's growth has been quite impressive. Just a few months ago, when I first wrote about Suikoden superfan Chris Holmes and his avid campaigning, their group had around 200 people. Now it's close to 7000.

Here's a sample of their work so far:

Keep it up, Suikoden fans. Let your voices be heard, etc. I don't know that Konami will listen, but hey, their loss.


    This is a cause I will happily contribute to.

    We don't even have Suikoden 1 on PSN here in australia =(
    Or World of Mana, or Legend of Dragoon or Breath of Fire III/IV..
    We're getting scammed on the PSX RPG front

      Breath of fire III is, downloaded it yesterday, think its a PSP version though

    Damn, upon reading the headline I had thought it more a story about getting Konami to release a new Suiky, not just digital-distribution-ise the first 2. I am feeling a SERIOUS lack of quality RPG's this console generation, particularly on the ps3.
    What happened to the fantasticness of all the PS2 RPGs, some off the top of my head include FFX, Star Ocean 3, Suikoden 3 and 5 (4 was pretty crap admittedly), Wild ARMs 3-5, Dark Cloud's, Xenosaga trilogy, .hack, Dragon Quest 8, even Disgaea's if you want to include them, and more and more. It was truly RPG heaven.
    Can someone please list any good RPG's for PS3? Are there in fact any? Looking at a couple of articles/searches, most of what they list as RPG is more open world stuff, like Fallout3, Obliv/Skyrim etc. I'm just after some quality old school rpg'ness :(

      Actually Valkyria Chronicles was quite good, but that's all I can think of for ps3 off hand

      I've thoroughly enjoyed these ones:

      Valkyria Chronicles
      Resonance of Fate
      Tales of Graces f
      Hyperdimension Neptunia MKII
      Atelier Rorona, Totori and Meruru
      Cross Edge
      Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls

      The three Agarest games weren't too bad, though might be too "niche" for many people.

        Ahh yes I've been meaning to pick up Resonance. Are the Atelier games you list similar to the ps2 ones? lots of alchemy and the like? Must admit I have not heard of most of what you have listed. Is Tales of Graces similar to the others in the Tales series? (tales of symphonia being fantastic on the gamecube, along with skies of arcadia)
        Thankyou for your input.

        Last edited 10/01/13 4:10 pm

          I've never actually played the PS2 ones, I do own them, just sitting in my "to play" pile along with Mana Khemia game that was localised to PAL.

          You control the titular character who needs to fulfil some form of alchemy related task (save your store from being closed down, help you to become an adventurer and find your mother, use it to enhance your kingdom and prove yourself to your father respectively), you have a number of party members who you build relationships with by triggering flags and using them in battle. The biggest surprise to me was that they all have a time limit when the game will end and you will get a number of endings depending on what you accomplished within the game world.

          Unfortunately I am equally naive of Tales games, my first one was Vesperia, Graces f being my second, for what it's worth it played alot like Vesperia.

            OK I might go do some reading and, hopefully, purchasing, thank you for your help.

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