Today Is Suikoden Day

Really, every day should be Suikoden day, but this is the actual one. Allow me to explain: the wonderful Suikoden Revival Movement, a group dedicated to trying to revive Konami's equally-wonderful RPG series, has declared today "Suikoden Day" — a festive occasion created to celebrate all things Suikoden.

Fans are posting all sorts of neat stuff on the official Facebook page: cosplay, memories, screenshots and so forth.

Even Konami is getting in on the fun, and it's nice to see their UK branch acknowledging that Suikoden fans still exist, although they have yet to do anything that those fans have requested, like release Suikoden II on the PlayStation Network, bring Suikoden PSP outside of Japan, announce any new Suikoden games, or really show any indication that they care about the series at all.

But today is for celebration, not whining. So go ahead and post some of your favourite Suikoden moments or memories in the comments. (Or, if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, the original game is only $US6 on PSN.) Happy Suikoden Day!


    That's funny, for the last several weeks I've been obsessed with Suikoden music, particularly Suikoden 2 and "The Chase".

    First suikoden for me was III on ps2, which was fantastic, I especially enjoyed the 'see the same events from different view points' method of character and chapter selection. Not seen that before nor since, but a great idea I thought.
    Then played IV and was quite severly disappointed. It had some OK elements, just lacking in most.
    Then went back and played 2 and was enthralled again (though after playing around with RPGMaker it all looked very familiar lol)
    Then went and played V and it was fantastic again, probably my favourite, despite its awfully slow start.
    Have not played 1, but would LOVE a new one
    Anyway, thanks for tuning in for this weeks episode of 'Deathcake remembers...'
    (oh one more, I remember when circle strafing was king as mice had only just come into use, in those days circle strafing was mind boggling and a skill definitely worth acquiring. Ahh original doom and quake...)

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    Funny but I was just looking at these games last night and was thinking about starting one up.

    Suikoden V was my personal favorite.

    Graphics and gameplay was heaps improved and the storyline was fantastic to boot. A damn shame that it'll probably never come to the PSN.

    BTW, how exactly do I purchase and download stuff from the PSN USA website onto my Aussie account?

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      You just need to create a US PSN account.

      The hard part is the top up w/ US PSN credit as that will require that you buy US prepaid PSN card. You were able to use CC's before but ever since the PSN hack ages ago they've been very strict w/ payments and will only accept CC's in US.

      Made an account just to help out a fellow suikoden fan. You can buy US PSN cards online. The exchange rate isn't that different, and I think suikoden is under 10 bucks so you won't have to spend too much money. You'll have to make a US ps account to. You're not meant to, but it's ridiculous that they are entitled to downloadable games like Suikoden and we aren't.

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    you can get suikoden games in the american playstation network

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