The Newest Final Fantasy Game Looks Absolutely Insane

As mentioned earlier, Final Fantasy All The Bravest is strictly combat. Square Enix just released this launch trailer for the iOS game showing how insane that can get in parties this size. The trailer also gives you a look at how the old-school jobs, sprites and music are integrated into the game.

My advice: Use earbuds if you're playing this on public transport. It arrives in the iTunes App Store sometime today.


    I love how the acronym of All the Bravest is "ATB"...good old active time battle, you were what made me love JRPGs

    WHY does this have to be for iOS only?! This would have been the first FF game I'd have bought in a long long time.

      Easier to develop for iOS, less devices to consider overall, large market share along with Android.

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        Easier to develop for unless you're using Objective C... Of course, Android has third party APIs and libraries you can use that take away the need to test on all platforms (as it has already been tested by the provider), however, it means you have less options when optimising because you rely on existing libraries.

        That being said, iOS is starting to diversify in terms of screen sizes and resolutions as well as hardware performance and while it's nowhere near as much overhead as the thousands of Android devices, it's still not as simple as it once was.

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    It is pretty fun, but its also repetitive. All you end up doing is rubbing your fingers across the screen over and over. Still, its probably worth the $5 or so to get it. Not much of a story to tell of, for a Final Fantasy game at least. Its just battle after battle.

    Shame.. thought we were going to get a new adventure but this is not even as good as Tactics.. oh well.. keep waiting..

    Looks like 20 year old recycled shit to me.

    The in-app purchases make this a no buy for me.

      IAP is, sadly, the way of the future. I hate it and so do many other people, but it is one way to make tons of money from microtransactions.

    I'm sick of all this ios game remake port bullshit. It's just a clusterfuck of sprites on screen. I swear the amount of ios games and ports that have been announced and released since we last heard any sort of news from versus xiii is insane. Work on the main series square enix! We don't want an iPod game that we have to spend $15 to play! We want versus xiii!

    That's the big news? It doesn't look very exciting at all.. Is there any depth to the game at all? Ehh..

    Dunno why they're developing for ios, samsung is now the market leader.

      Hahahaha 5 years on and look at how wrong you were, apple still has everyone under their thumb and the appstore still rules with its hordes of shitty microtransaction bullshit apps

    I'll have an all Edward party, all of them constantly hiding.

    I love finding all the kotaku hype pieces for the shittest most terrible games in existence

    Like damn how easy is it to pay kotaku for a hype piece for shitty microtransaction cash grab apps? They seem to hype up every licensed shit cash grab game that comes out on the appstore

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