The Real World: Whiterun: Or, What Skyrim Would Be Like As A Reality Show

Oh, trashy reality TV shows. You're so formulaic, and so awful, and yet there's something about you that makes it difficult to look away. Like a car wreck, really. (And sure, sometimes you're genuinely entertaining.)

Here is a Skyrim machinima by Nerdist that takes a look at what happens when a group of strangers get together, stop being polite, and start being re- oh, you know how this goes.

The modern-day voices/inflections/accents are jarring, but in a good way. It's hilarious to watch all the different Skyrim races act like vapid airheads or meatheads — particularly The Nooch, who gets REALLY EXCITED at everything. In that football playing jock sort of way.

Also, do you see that? It's a freaking pool in the middle of the house! A pool! And that other guy killed a dragon with a rock once. Are you impressed? ...hah.

REAL WORLD: Whiterun - Episode 1 (Skyrim machinima) [Nerdist]


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