Vampires Brood Even In Skyrim (But It's Still Better Than Twilight)

Oh, wait. Never mind, this isn't your sparkly vampire love story, although it does have that signature vampire brooding. But, hey, what can you do? I'd be pissed if I was a vampire too, even if it gave me awesome powers.

This film is a machinima called Skyrim: Into The Void, and it was created by Warialasky. You might know him from live action pieces about games such as Skyrim, Goldeneye, Tetris, and Splinter Cell. Into The Void is also a part of Machinima Prime's ongoing fan-created films about video games, like Fallout Nuka Break - Red Star.


    Damn.. I thought this would be an interesting article to read. Instead I wasted time I could have used searching for videos on youtube.

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