The Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Has A New And Talented Writer

Normally when we learn about the people responsible for writing movies based on video games, there's a round of muted applause. If we're lucky. More often than no there are groans.

So it's a nice surprise to learn that the long-in-development hell Shadow of the Colossus movie project — which last year got a director - now has a talented writer to go with it.

That writer is Seth Lochhead, the Hollywood Reporter reports, who takes over from Justin Marks' early 2009 script. He co-wrote the excellent Hanna and has a top-secret project in the works at Warner Bros with Michael Bay.

'Hanna' Writer to Pen 'Shadow of Colossus' for Sony (Exclusive) [THR]


    I genuinely worry that no matter what direction it takes, this film is only going to break hearts, and spoil a great game for many people. I'm really struggling to envisage a way they can turn SotC into a compelling movie.

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      Unfortunately I am of exactly the same frame of mind as you.

      Can a bad movie really ruin a good game? I think it would just be ignored, much like the awful game movies that have come before (Max Payne, Hitman, Doom, etc)

        When the mystery and atmosphere are the draw cards to a game, it doesn't take much to upset that balance for good.

        Max Payne's appeal was always story + guns, and Doom's appeal was always guns and possibly scare too. Atmosphere, themes, the individual stories built up by players don't really exist for games like this. But games with sparse direct narrative and rich atmosphere (SotC of course, and also games like Dark Souls) are not going to translate well, and any attempt to do so will suck some magic away from the game.

        That's what I think anyway. Personally, I hope you're right, though I fear you're not.

    He's working on something for Michael Bay? Why does that make me uncomfortable about his suitability for SotC?

    I guess he must be able to write a good explosion, at least...

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