These Star Wars Cosplayers Don't Give A Crap

Not all cosplay needs to be about "realism". Sometimes, humour can carry the day, sometimes bravado can do the job, and sometimes you can combine the two for something really special.

I'm having a hard time picking my favourite. Fred Durstwalker is great, yeha, but the "classic dame" C-3PO seems to be channelling the inner spirit of the character itself.

The pic above is part of a massive gallery from last year's San Diego Comic-Con, which photographer Eddric Lee has been uploading over the last week.

ittoku.lee's photostream [Flickr, via Super Punch]


    Spanks Solo is someone you don't want to argue with.

    I'm sorry, but that just looks like the cast of a bad porn movie to me.

      I disagree. Bad porn would be dressed better.

    This is great, what I see here and in some of the other pics in the Flickr stream - in one word?


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