This Iron Man Helmet Was Made Of Grapefruit. For A Cat.

Cat cosplay is a thing. We've proven this over and over and over. So don't be totally surprised by this! Be amazed. At once, the above photo is both totally adorable and completely badass. Nice sculpting work too.

In case you are wondering, the grapefruit is what's called in English a pomelo. It's a large citrus fruit. How large? Large enough to put on a cat's head.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome [Geektrooper via GeeksAreSexy via Obvious Winner]


    Sculpted in a cave, with nothing but a box of scraps I would assume.

    The cat looks pretty happy about it.

      The trick is to give the cat a lot of catnip... like illegal quantities of the stuff.

      I am of course joking about the illegal bit.

      Evidently, you aren't really in to cats... It's not the face you should be looking at for clues. That body language? It's not a happy cat. It's shirking, trying to get the bloody thing off.

      ...And the eyes in that shot on the right? Yeah, large, dilated... It's pissed.

      Someone's about to get an ass-whoopin from kitty.

    This is from Japan? I am shocked I tell you. Shocked.

    That's cruel cats hate the smell of citrus fruits.

      I think citrus can even be poisonous to cats.

    "In case you are wondering, the grapefruit is what’s called in English a pomelo."

    Er, I beg your pardon? I was not wondering anything. I don't know if you've just been in Japan for too long, but most English-speakers would call a grapefruit a grapefruit.

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