Another Day Another Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer (Actually There Are Two)

Another day another Metal Gear Rising trailer. Not that I'm complaining. Last time I played the game I found myself genuinely excited by the game, particularly by the pace of it, and the slow motion cut mechanics. Then again, I am one of those weird people who thinks Bayonetta is the best action game of the generation, so you might want to take my opinions with wee pinch of salt!

Still, the point it — more Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. As part of a stacked February release schedule, the game is set for release February 21. It'll be interesting to compare this one to the recently released DmC. Also — I'm keen to see precisely how the game fits into the whole Metal Gear canon. Because I'm a MGS nerd like that.

The above vid takes a look at unmanned gears — the robot things you can kill without fear of conscience pangs. The vid below looks at the game's unique weapons. Enjoy!


    I hope those aren't DLC. They look like they could really change how you play the game

      Nope, you get these after defeating certain bosses throughout the storyline.

    Anyone else while watching the second video and the pole-arm maneuvers think "holy shit, Ninja Turtles on crack"?
    This is going to be awesome!

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