Why Is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Delayed In Australia?

It was supposed to be released this Wednesday but, earlier this week, we noticed that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was delayed in Australia until February 26, despite the fact it's set for release in the US today and in all other territories on the 21st. So what happened?

A spokesperson from Konami's local Australian distributor Mindscape informed us that a last minute delay was the root cause of the issue.

"Unfortunately due to a last minute shipping delay, the Australian and New Zealand release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be delayed by a few days to the 26th of February," read the statement. "As gamers ourselves, we’re committed to ensuring that Australian release dates align with global launches and we’re working hard to ensure that this problem doesn't occur in the future."

It's a short delay, so not a massive problem, but disappointing nonetheless.


    Originally it was only the limited edition that was delayed. It seems that instead of having them release on two separate days they have delayed the standard version too.

    well it affects me as i'm going on a trip to sydney on the 27th, so i only get one day to play it before i leave... #firstworldproblems

    no way... smh, mightyape's still got it's due release date on the 21st! nek minute.... to change to 26th!? daymmmm...

      I just checked www.mightyape.com.au and the PS3 version says it is due for release on the 21st.


      and the 360 version says due for release on the 21st but it ships tomorrow, so they must have them in stock.


    Its the distribution Mindscape it happens with all konami games last year it happend with MGS HD and Neverdead and it happend with castlevania. I had to wait two weeks for castlevania and a week and a half for mgs HD. They really need new distribution

    Well, at least it's a week of reviews and player feedback to change your mind.

    Amazon will be shipping my ridiculous LE today. Woo. It better arrive by the end of the week!

    'It was a mistake, we don't like it, we're trying to make sure it doesn't happen again, sorry about that.'
    Poor, but understandable and rational.

    BUT I ALREADY GOT MY TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS OUT! Someone try and find a way to blame this on a discriminatory policy decision! Quick! My indignant outrage needs targets!

      I hear Nintendo's a popular target these days...

    The limited edition contents were delayed so they pushed the whole release back a week.

    Wait, it's only the 19th. Amazon could get something here by the 21st.
    Lame excuse :P

    Any news on why Fire Emblem Awakening was delayed? It's AU release is MONTHS after the US.

      EFIGS - Nintendos stupid policy on EFIGS

    So if I'm reading this right, and there's no way that I could be reading this wrong, Mindscape are literally worse than Hitler.

      Ok folks. Pack up. Godwin's Law has been fulfilled so we can all go home. ^_-

        One of the many services that I provide.

    Exact same thing happened with MGS:HD and ZOE. Sounds like BS

    Seems like Konami forgets about Australia.
    But it's ok, it's only a few days and hard to believe but I'm a patient person.

    Doesn't seem very professional when companies screw up.

    Why does anyone bother buying locally anyway? Everywhere looked within the country has it for $79 at the cheapest.

    I preorded from Playasia and its in stock as of today. Got the Asian version + Gray Fox skin & blade for under $70AU. Thats also eith courier shipping (EMS). I should have it before its out in Oz.

    Sucks to be people getting it later and at a high price.

      Have fun trading in overseas games anywhere locally. Pretty much everywhere these days demands Australian classification labels or they won't take them. Plus overseas versions' DLC usually requires a HK/JP/US PSN account - which is hardly difficult to do, but it splits all your content over various accounts as well.

      Then there's also the fact Playasia are complete wangrods when it comes to returns and customer service, so pray nothing's wrong with your item. Trust me, I've been there. Even for a flat out faulty item I had to fight them every step of the way to get a replacement. Not talking about a game either, a several hundred dollar item. I finally got it replaced, but they were complete knobheads about it, and haven't shopped there since.

      Folks like me don't mind paying an extra $10-$20 for new releases, as the potential for disaster and general rigmarole is substantially reduced.

    Well the good news is it's still street dated for the 21st so if they do get it in stock before the 26th they can sell it strait away. (according to EBgames as of today anyway)

    I got mine this morning! :D so stoked! Limited Ed Raiden Play Arts woohooo! Got it from Mighty Ape peepz.... released today! 21/02/2013!!

    1) I don't trade.in games. Its a rip off. I sell them on ebay if I want to get rid of something.
    2) I have an HK, US & AUS account. It also doesn't matter.which you dowload with, all.users on the console can use the content. Fact.
    3) Never had a single issue with any products from playasia. Paying more for games is lazy and for suckers.

    You sound jealous and ignorant, champ.

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