App Review: Cowbell Hero Takes The Joke Way Too Far

I admire Digital Hero Games' dedication. Over a decade after Christopher Walken and the cast of Saturday Night Live hilariously introduced the phrase "More cowbell" into the modern vernacular and years after the first cowbell-fuelled parodies of Activision's Guitar Hero franchise appeared on the internet, the developer released a full-fledged mobile game based on the phenomenon, complete with licensed music that must have cost a pretty penny to secure.

More than just a chance to play cowbell in the Guitar Hero-style, Digital Hero Games has created a story to accompany the game, telling the story of one man's psychedelic mission to change the future of music using that simple two-tone percussion novelty.

It's an amazing amount of effort for a game that's not all that fun to play.

Cowbell Hero's note highway is only two lanes wide. There's only so much a musician can do with an instrument they hold in one hand while holding a stick in the other, after all. You've got two sounds you can make, and those sounds are so profound that anything other than a simple rhythmic tapping breaks the spell an appropriately-used cowbell can cast. It's an instrument meant to be in the background of a song. Bringing it to the fore ruins songs like Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense and Peppermints" and the sound-alike version of The Chamber Brothers' "Time Has Come Today".

Cowbell Hero

  • Genre: rhythm
  • Developer: Digital Hero Games
  • Platform: iPhone, iPad
  • Price: $7.49
  • Get Cowbell Hero on the iTunes App Store


      Thank you Youtube, Just saved me $7.49

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