App Review: My Perfect World Is Populated By Pixel People

App Review: My Perfect World Is Populated By Pixel People

A game designer is a combination of a programmer and an artist. A preacher is a philosopher and a dreamer combined. Meld a magician and a scientist and you have a wizard. This is how the world works in LambdaMu Games’ Pixel People — simple, elegant and endlessly entertaining.

The planet Earth is gone, the sole remaining trace of humanity a gene bank floating in the endless void of space, waiting for the hand of god (that’s you) to tap it to life.

It all starts with a mayor, who runs the joint, and a mechanic that maintains the genetic research facility. Combining those creates an engineer, who runs the Utopium mine, pumping out this free-to-play world’s version of in-game currency on a daily basis. Combine the mechanic with himself and you have an assistant, the mayor’s aide. Combine the mayor twice and you get a sheriff. Combine the sheriff and the assistant and you have a deputy.

This is how you build your Pixel People world. It’s like a mix of Tiny Tower and Doodle God, combining elements to unlock new ones. Many jobs unlock new buildings — the sheriff’s office, for example — expanding your world. Some of these buildings have special functions — the observatory lets you change the floating city’s position in space, while the police station is where you view the game’s achievements.

You’re not going to unlock all of Pixel People‘s 150 professions in one sitting. Space is at a premium. You need spaces for houses, as every new Pixel Person needs a place to live. You need spaces for the new buildings created with new professions. Run out of space and you’ll have to wait until your existing buildings generate enough cash to purchase more.

Pixel People

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