Conan O'Brien Also Thinks Halo 4's Cortana Is Pretty Hot

Watching someone who isn't too familiar with video games try their hand at Halo 4 can be pretty hilarious. But when it's Conan O'Brien testing out 343's first entry in the series, it's that much funnier. Even if he does roll his eyes a little too much at the storyline.

I mean, I get it. The story's depth might seem a little excessive and unnecessary to an outsider who thinks video games are made for mindless fun. But every year video games get a little better at telling stories. And that's definitely something we shouldn't roll our eyes at, it's something we should be proud of.

In between my laughs, I was a little sad that the audience was chuckling over even just the description of the storyline. It highlights how indifferent the majority of people are to games, and that they don't take the medium seriously enough to even give it a chance. Sigh. One day, guys. One day.


    Or, maybe, the storyline in Halo 4 is just lame even by videogame standards.

      It was missing something, wasn't it?

        It and its sub-storyline; Spartan Ops, are the premier button-pushing simulators of 2012 & 2013.

          Oh I forgot about Spartan Ops, I haven't even played it yet (no internet, no xbox live gold nonsense).
          But the campaign just wasn't what it needed to be. Personally, there were no favourite levels. Halo 3 had a bunch. Halo 4 had none. The story was a bit... hokey? The extent of Cortana's powers seemed to dip into deus ex machina territory. Rampancy didn't seem realistic.
          I don't know what I wanted but I didn't get it.

          (sorry for getting all up in your ear but I've had nobody to talk out my disappointment with.)

            I don't think you have to apologize to anybody. Because holy-heck good sir, you nailed it.

    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."


      had the same thought. "urgh conan? but i do like halo... not available in my country, well that settles that"

    Video that works for Australians

    Conan is fluffing hilarious.
    Notice the timing on the face palm to his cameo.
    Also Cortana is so just a lost Tron meme.

    Who the hell is Conan O'Brien anyway? Oh yeah, the guy who had a national televised hissy-fit. Poor guy only has a wife and kids, and a Los Angeles mansion and 10s of millions of $$$.

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    I'm glad they chuckled at such a lame story, the shame is that 'one day' won't happen if we keep voting with our wallets for games with the central premise of "shoot the aliens, zombies or soldiers".

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