For Once, A Politician Defends Games, Saying They’re Not The Cause Of Violence

For Once, A Politician Defends Games, Saying They’re Not The Cause Of Violence

The drill is familiar: a lawmaker goes on a newsmaker show, puts on a Real Serious Face, is teed up some opportunity to tell everyone that scary scary video games bear some responsibility for America’s love affair with gun massacres.

Well, that wasn’t the drill yesterday on Fox News Sunday. Not for Rep. Nancy Pelosi. That’s partly because host Chris Wallace laid a smarm trap for the Democrats’ House leader, trying to shame her into telling her rich liberal friends in the entertainment industry to knock it off. Not only did Pelosi not cop out, she actually offered a defence of video games as being not the source of the problem.

“[T]he evidence says that, in Japan, for example, they have the most violent games and the lowest death — mortality — from guns,” she said. “I don’t know what the explanation is for that except they may have good gun laws.”

Now, some on the other side of this might point out Pelosi’s tendencies — she represents San Francisco, games development has a big presence in that area, I’m sure her contributors include those in the industry, and she has zero to lose by pissing off the NRA or Second Amendment supporters.

Japan may not like being characterised as home of the most violent games — that’s rather sweeping. But at least when someone — of considerable influence — was given the opportunity to make a politically safe scapegoating of games and those who enjoy them, she didn’t take the bait.

Nancy Pelosi: Video Games Are Not The Reason For Violence In America [Huffington Post]


  • Missed the most important quote:
    “I don’t think we should do anything anecdotally. We have a saying here, ‘the plural of anecdote is not data.’ So we want to know, what is the evidence”

    I don’t know how on earth she managed to get into government as this sounds far too sensible to have been uttered by a politician.

  • The way I see it is that this is too far extreme to one side.. sure, the major cause of these things is not the video games.. nor the music.. nor the movies.. but they’re not completely innocent in these things either. It’s like the old “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” thing.. guns (in the hands of people) kill people. Any media, whether it be games, movies, books or social media, has an effect on people.. saying otherwise is equally as naive as saying that violent video games is the root cause.

    • Its actually nothing like “guns dont kill people” bullshit argument! A video game cant kill someone! PERIOD! The root cause with this whole issue is mental health!! Unstable people are the ones doing the killing NOT GAMERS!!!!

      If you dont understand the issue dont try to join in all you are doing is giving weight to their misguided arguement! Yes games can have an effect on some people on others it has no effect like all media but to say that in the context of this debate is WRONG! Just like saying saying someone who watched a movie then went out and killed someone because they watched the movie…. all tho I wanted to kill someone after watching the Hitman movie!

      • So what you are saying here is that everyone lives in a little bubble where nothing they see, hear, smell, taste or touch has any effect on their actions.

        Ok.. thanks for your well thought out feedback.

        • Thats not what I said, I said “Yes games can have an effect on some people on others it has no effect like all media”.

          Some people can read a book or watch a movie and it has a profound affect on them others can do the same thing and it has no effect.

          Not all people are the same but dont confuse the issue! It is mental health that the issue thats what people should be talking about not video games!!!!

      • He actually is being truthful. whether we like it or not, violent media does cause an increase of violence in children (studies through the years have proved this). However this does not mean that removing the violent media will fix the issue.

        What people (especially the Video Game Haters) have to realise is that if video games were really the true problem why aren’t there more shootings happening? What isn’t every single gamer (most of whom are gun owning age) going out and trying to mimic COD? The answer is that everyone is raised morales and boundaries by our parents and teachers. We can be violent as children but generally we are taught that we can’t be like that in real life. We are taught the difference between reality and fantasy land.

        Almost in every shooting/massacre or tragedy, the shooters had other problems which cause them to go over the edge (whether it was mental illness, bullying, being dump, racism etc.).

        The other thing the Haters must realise is that violent video games are rated by their Government Classification board. If these people thought there was a problem with the game being too violent or not suitable for people they would either receive a higher rating or no classification at all. Games are not for children any more.

        • And even more studies have disproved the link between violent media causing increased violent tendencies in children .

          One study linking autisim and vaccines has been touted as proof for years even though its author is disgraced and the study has never been supported with others. Don’t let it happen to you!

        • If violent video games really do make children more violent, then isn’t the answer to keep them away from children? And if you have to ban games to stop children from being exposed to them, then you’d better ban cigarettes, alcohol, porn, knives, cars, movies rated over PG – hell, pretty much anything fun.

          I’m kind of tired of the parents hijacking issues like these and making it about them

  • AT least someone is speaking up in defense of video games! Im sure her intensions are not pure but if this gun debate continues without people speaking up, then videos games I believe will end up being the scapegoat! And thats bad for all gamers.

  • If violent games are linked to violent behavior, they should start by banning… gridiron.
    If weapons in sport is dangerous, then besides target shooting and archery, you need to ban… baseball.

    • That’s generally been my contention for 20 years now (somewhat originally related to violence in entertainment overall though). It’s hard to argue that point in Australia though with so many people so personally invested in their pride as being a sporting nation, they don’t want to make the connection. Aggressive personality types are aggressive no matter what their outlet and I have seen more outbursts of rage in sport that turn violent then I get even on Xbox Live. I mean clearly Europe should ban stadium attendance of Cup matches so there are no fights, riots and deaths from holliganism. Same kind of bullshit correlative knee jerking.

      Mental health issue, not a gun or games one. Let people keep their games and guns, sort out the crazies.

    • You must be the only person on the planet who didn’t go straight to that tired old routine of naming hockey first. My hat is off to you sir! Seriously, I mean no sarcasm. I love hockey and I hate it when they do that in this giant wank– I mean mass debate.

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