How Insane Is The Last Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Boss?

How Insane Is The Last Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Boss?
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Now that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has come out and people have had time to play the game, I think it’s time we had a frank discussion about how next-level insane the last boss battle is, because holy crap. Warning: This post is full of spoilers.

Up until this point in Revengeance has walked a pretty solid line between playfully absurd and pensively serious. It’s a pretty decent mix between Kojima and Platinum; silly, but not so silly that you couldn’t go along with it at some of its more serious, dramatic moments.

And then out of nowhere a giant ant robot ridden by a senator bursts out of the ground.

The whole scene is like Kent Brockman’s worst nightmare meets Wild Wild West, followed by a 15-minute speech that’s half Aaron Sorkin and half Metal Wolf Chaos. Where do you even start with something like that?

I won’t even, because there simply are no words. It’s like a gorgeous, outsider-art trainwreck about the Military-industrial complex, featuring a will to power redux version Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. It’s wonderful and horrible in equal doses, all at once. It’s too much to contemplate.

And the memes!

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments.


  • You know what? I loved it! The whole experience was exactly what I wanted: over the top, ridiculous, nonsensical and unbelievable. It was just an enjoyable romp, sure with a couple of minor flaws, but enjoyable nonetheless. I kind of liken it to “Heroin Hero”, in that you don’t have to try too hard, and you can just switch off and slash your way through the game without a care in the world.

    As for the final boss, again, loved it. So ridiculous, such an obvious swipe at the West, it was hilarious! His speech about Americans? Priceless.

  • Couldn’t have come at a better time. Just finished the final boss last night, And I think this article summed up how I feel about it too. I know the senator was kinda shown here and there throughout the game, but he never really felt like a big presence throughout. Probably why all this crazy stuff felt so…crazy…

  • Uhg.. The final fight was the first time I really hated the game. His attacks deal 25 damage, and until I figured out I needed to dodge and use strong attacks it was literally a 10 second between deaths kind of fight. And then for some reason he starts dropping health packs and it got incredibly easy to finish.

    The boss himself though? I think it kind of worked. You spend the whole game cutting things in half, and suddenly find your self up against an un-cut-able foe, who beats you into a pulp. That left me feeling as helpless as Raiden looked.

  • I hated the final fight because of how cheap it is. It really shows how finicky the parry system is where he’ll hit me despite me doing it right. Also, some rules seem to be inconsistent. Sometimes when he’s charging for an attack, I can hit him twice and he’ll get stunned and cancel his attack, other times I complete a full combo barrage on him and he still does the attack. Then, twice throughout the fight, he jumps away and throws several pieces of concrete at you, then himself that are all basically one-hit kills. You have to cut each piece correctly, in a very small window of slowmotion, right after each other and then himself.
    He also has the ability to create walls of constant fire that can limit the area and cause you to get knocked into them, or accidently combo him into them and get hurt.

    • The parry system isn’t finicky. If your parry didn’t work, that means one of two things:

      1. You didn’t do it right.
      2. The attack was unblockable.

      As established in the earlier fights against Heavy Cyborgs, attacks that make the enemy’s entire body glow yellow are unblockable. If you didn’t learn this you probably weren’t paying attention. Also, if those attacks require charging, their animation can’t be interrupted. If you didn’t learn this you probably weren’t paying attention.

      The window to cut each piece of concrete is enormous. Even on the hardest difficulty there’s at least 3-4 seconds to line up your attack.

      If you got knocked into the wall of fire, that means you didn’t parry correctly or you were forced into it by an unblockable attack that you failed to dodge. If you accidentally combo him into it that means that you’ve made a mistake and the game punished it.

      The entire game is set up so that you’ll never be tripped up because of something you couldn’t see coming. There’s not a single unfair situation; it’s pure, triple-distilled difficulty. If you can’t beat the game it just means you aren’t good enough. All of the tools to beat the game in one try with no deaths are given to you (the parry, the offensive defense, the zandatsu.)

  • loved the whole game! the last boss was THE BOSS to fight!! all other bosses in the game were equally EPIC! but they are easy… most of them do not need skills and brains to beat but…. the last boss haha Mr. Armstrong! 😀 takes some true gamer skills, problem solving and brains! XD i beat him in the 3rd try lol but the overall experience of the game was EPIC! XD epic start for a solo RAIDEN game! Long live METAL GEAR!

  • He didn’t seem that tough at first but when the final fight began the battle definitely found a new difficulty level. I absolutely HATED when you had to cut through the rubble he throws at you because god help me I’m slow after work. Took me an afternoon, then the next day until I finally figured you could adjust the camera but even then it wasn’t foolproof.

  • I think it was horrible. The boss is cheap as hell and feels tacked on. Plus half the time you’re sitting there watching an anti-America hate speech that is really uncomfortable at times even if it did provide some funny one liners. The game could have ended after the Sam fight and I could walk away happy.

  • Just beat him on hard for my first playthrough took me a couple of hours and i might have carpal tunnel syndrome has anyone been brave enough to try very hard or revengance difficulties yet?

  • Timing of the article is amazing. I just started trying to get through the final form last night. It’s a really cheap fight. The pattern is really easy to follow (for the first part at least, haven’t reached the “turns red” part yet), but the ultra high damage of his attacks make it irritating because you’re fighting both the camera and AOE attack spam. Also, the analogue stick really sucks as a fine tuned slash targeting tool. I can’t even quick-scope though, so it’s probably just me.

    Jetstream Sam was the most amazing fight in the game. Even though he didn’t have a big move set, the setting, the mood and his character all combined into this great Samurai showdown scenario that tickled my Asian Cinema bone. The game needed more of him than Mr Socio-Political Commentary.

  • The game is just awesome now it might be frustrating with the parry thing and boss fights hmm like were a bit lacky but the last boss was just epic i just wish that komjia could had taken more time with the story and the cutsences cuz it like something was missing and it seem to go way to fast i wish that we can learn more about raiden past and life more and his wife -.-

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