In A Game About Riots, Which Side Do You Pick -- Cop Or Rioter?

The world is in no shortage of riots: it was only a matter of time before someone made a game on the subject, right? Enter RIOT, for iOS and Android.

According to the game's Indiegogo page, RIOT is a "detailed and polished simulator based on the actions of real riots happening around the world". As the trailer suggests, the player will be able to interact with both sides of a riot, and it sounds as if politics will be thrown into the mix too.

Riots usually happen for a reason, right? And this is based on real-life events, so the politics part makes sense though no specifics are given. You can, however, see a gay pride flag so that'll probably be a subject.

Here's hoping that this game doesn't just fetishise the violence of riots, though.

Thanks for the tip, Indie Games.

Riot simulator hopes to engage and educate, its pixels already stun [Indie Games]


    It depends on the cause of the riot in question. Because I'll tell you right now, if it's a bunch of Occupy hippies, then I'm choosing cops. Live rounds, too, none of that half-arsed rubber-bullet crap here.

    I'd love to see the stats pulled from a game like this, ie how many people choose what side etc.

    Having interacted with cops in NSW, who are either trained or self-selected thugs, I'm almost always on the side of the rioters.

      I just had to deal with a complete arsehole of a condescending cop earlier (probably the 1 bad cop in every 20, or he was a former NSW/QLD cop!), driving through a defect station with our deparment's car. I wonder if dealing with that shitdick is going to affect my decision...

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    Lawful Good... which in my experience is as often going to be the rioters as police.

    Police don't even want to be there during a riot, they're there to protect other people from the rioters. Hard to hate someone just doing their job.

    first thought: Wondering if you need permission to use a Banksy image?

    second thought: Wondering at the massive influence Sworcery's art direction has had.

      I love Sworcerys art direction and welcome the continual evolution of it. $HAVESMAMONIESRIOT!!$

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