It's Full Body Pong, You Guys. Full. Body. Pong.

Perhaps the most creative game at this year's JAEPO arcade game expo was e Sports Ground. Utilising a series of motion tracking cameras and projectors, the game transforms the floor into the game screen and your body into the controller.

In many ways, e Sports Ground is a retro game collection containing some of the most popular games from the very dawn of gaming — except that you are now "in the game", so to speak. You become the paddle in games like Pong and Arkanoid, for example. One co-op game is reminiscent of Asteroid with one player dodging incoming asteroids while the other acts as a shield against the asteroids.

To see e Sports Ground in action, check out the video above.

e Sports Ground was released on November 11, 2011. Representatives were unsure as the the possibility of an international release.


    You would think the country that spawned Dance Dance Revolution has now mastered the art of _not_ looking stupid in public. Cool tech though.

    Seems like the length of the paddle is from one foot to the taller you are the more advantage you have...damn it...I'm going to suck at that game.


    I have full body pong after a hard day at work :)

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