J.J. Abrams Is Inspired By Games Like Limbo And Journey

You know, it's pretty easy to take the piss out of J.J. Abrams with his lens flare and Lost being all weird for the sake of it, but I actually genuinely like his movies. Yes, even Mission Impossible III. Super 8 was really good! I'm interested in Abrams and I think news that he's going to expand into video games is positive. In this interview with Gamasutra, he discusses his ideas about games and where he'd like to take the work his production company Bad Robot does.

I like where he's headed...

"I've been inspired by some games like Journey, which was incredible," he said. "It was just crazy emotional, wildly beautiful. A true experience. I love that game. I love Limbo, the mood of it. I just thought it was genius. It took the whole side-scrolling thing and took the level of moodiness and tone in a way that it all worked as a whole. Everything from the music to the sound effects, the whole visual desaturated look of it. I loved it.

"It's hard not to look at what people are doing with the graphics of stuff like Call of Duty or Dead Space. You can't help but be blown away by what's possible. But to me, as much as the visuals will continue to improve ... the sense of being in a place. It's insane what's possible if we all just extrapolate where it's going. In no time, it's going to be photorealistic to the point of preposterousness. At that point, it's irrelevant.

"So I'm not looking at the graphical stuff. That's going to happen anyway. What I think is critical is gameplay and the emotional connection to the characters."

JJ also discusses the problems of story and narrative in the game space, comparing it the differences between movies and television and the importance of tailoring a story to the medium that story is being told in. He seems pretty savvy, and genuine in his interest in video games. Now, just don't mess up Star Wars and we can stay friends.

Q&A: Director J.J. Abrams might have what it takes to make it in video games [Gamasutra]


    lol at "don't mess up star wars" - too late for that, he could crap in a bun and it would improve the franchise.

      Hard to disagree here. My Star Wars fanaticism has long since worn off so I really don't care about the franchise, but I don't think that's anyone who can do a worse job than George Lucas, so hell, let's all see what JJ can pull off. I might even see the movies if they review well.

      It'll be nice to watch a Star Wars movie without any expectations. In preparation I've personally disavowed all changes and additions made to the franchise since 1997.

      Exactly. It's not as if the Star Wars movie franchise can get much worse, and Abrams is at least competent.

        Given the recent StarTrek took the best of StarWars, the best of StarTrek and merged them into one highly *highly* enjoyable cinematic thrillride, I'm very eager to see what he can do with Starwars... and yes, like aegis said, he cannot possibly do worse.

          I personally liked that film quite a lot as well, so I'm fairly optimistic for the film's prospects too. Especially with the writers attached to the project as well.

          Just being freed from George and the sycophantic yes-men he surrounded himself with should help a lot. Very hard to tell the guy he's producing shit when he's the one paying their salaries.

            Exactly. After Episode 3 was finished, stories started flowing out like a waterfall of people who were fired from the sets after they disagreed with Lucas and his writing, directing, production standards etc.

            Terence Stamp, who played Zod in Superman 2 and Chancellor Valorum in the prequels had this to say for instance:


            It was very interesting to read this sort of thing. I have no doubt Lucas is a nice man, but he's also an incredible egotist when it came to the prequels. He thought 'I can do no wrong!'... what happened was everything went wrong. He got knocked down to size majorly. The Lucas we have these days is a very different pre-Prequels Lucas for sure...

              Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the Original Trilogy Lucas didn't direct everything reclining in a chair with an extra large starbucks coffee in one hand, looking at a pair of monitors that correspond to the two cameras they pointed over the shoulder at each of the two actors who was going to be talking in the scene. The non-CG sequences in Episode III are blocked out like a soap opera. :(

              He basically ruined Hayden Christensen's career (the guy is not a bad actor - the best actor in the world couldn't have delivered those lines) and I feel there's a very strong reason why several of them refused to ever work with Lucas again.

                Absolutely agreed. Check out the movie Life as a House, has him in it with Kevin Kline, he's fantastic. It's such a pity too as he really does have talent. At least we've still got Portman........right..............right? O_o

              THATS where I've seen him. Always bugged me where I've seen Valorum before.

              Also that article says Hugo Weaving is British...I thought he was an aussie. Wiki'd and he was born in Nigeria. I'm so confused *C3PO voice*.

                Doesnt sound quite right saying KNEEL BEFORE VALORUM! does it lol

                  LOL, It would have made Episode I a lot better.

    I'm over the franchise in general so as long as JJ Abrams makes an enjoyable film, i don't foresee myself loathing it.

    Wasn't MI: Ghost Protocol the 4th one?...

      Whoops! My bad! You are correct... Google is my friend...

      Brad Bird did Ghost Protocol, JJ Abrams did part 3.

        Is Brad Bird the dude from Pixar?... Wow!

          The one and same. I think it was his first live action movie too

    JJ Abrams is flipping us the bird.

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