Knights Of The Old Republic II Studio Has An Idea For Another Star Wars RPG

Knights Of The Old Republic II Studio Has An Idea For Another Star Wars RPG
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If you enjoyed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and hate Electronic Arts, then this next sentence should make your heart flutter: Obsidian Entertainment the studio that gave us Fallout: New Vegas and an unfinished KOTOR II have pitched another Star Wars role-playing game set between Episodes III and IV.

Even with the recent change in ownership of Star Wars, (and despite the change in ownership of Obsidian’s other major project — South Park: The Stick of Truth) the studio’s boss believes it may yet have a shot.

“We pitched a between-Episode III and Episode IV game,” CEO Feargus Urquhart told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “Because we think that timeframe is super interesting. It’s the fall of the Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, it’s Obi-Wan going off and making sure Luke is OK.

“It has elements people remember, but not the stories,” he told RPS. He called it one of “the top three pitches,” the studio has ever come up with. That said, they’ve not gotten any go-ahead from Disney, nor spoken to them.

New Republic: Obsidian Actively Pitching More Star Wars [RPS]


  • excited. I wouldn’t mind another game like “Knights of the Old Republic”.
    Give me:
    -Character creation + customization
    -Armor/weapons Customization
    -Companions (a good variety as well)
    -Companion Customization
    -Good long story (20+ hours) with class based story + main story and choices that have an effect on this and that.
    -good combat engine
    -Open world/sand box/go wherever you want/at least an open field
    -Not be a Dragon age 2

    I’d gladly pay. Don’t know about you guys but that’s my standard of an RPG after playing mass effect…

  • There’s already a KOTOR clone with new graphics and a new story, it’s called Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    The last time Obsidian made a KOTOR game they screwed the pooch so badly the community had to create its own patch to make up for all Obsidians screw ups. Don’t believe me? KOTOR II is on steam and not worth the $10 asking price.

    I can’t think of many companies more fundamentally under-qualified to produce a new Star Wars RPG than Obsidian.

    • It was unfinished, sure, but I loved Obsidian’s take on KOTOR – it was probably even better than the original, in my opinion. They innovated in some areas and the writing/story were fantastic.

      • You’re right, it was a great game, except for the ways in which it was woefully inadequate and should never have been released to market.

        In a lot of ways similar to Fall Out: New Vegas.

        Obsidian have for far too long been trading on the good will and sentimentality of gamers and through their association with much more worthwhile studios.

        • It’s not Obsidian’s fault about KOTOR 2. It’s just another case of the Publisher getting involved where they shouldn’t be. At least they kept the content they could never finish on the disk so that it could get into the hands of modders who could fulfill what they originally envisioned.

          KOTOR 2 was the first time I seriously got into RPG’s, and I’ve played many since, but I’ve never found a plot which is simply as amazing as KOTOR 2. I used to play on Xbox, but last year, I bought the Steam version simply to play the Restored Content Mod just to experience it in it’s full grandness.

          Obsidian is a wonderful studio, but they lack the valuable resource of time.

          • If KOTOR II was an anomaly I’d be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I did, at the time. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt with Alpha Protocol. But New Vegas was the last straw.

            Now, I’m happier if other studios are given opportunities that Obsidian seems to be taking for granted.

          • That they get repeatedly screwed by publishers doesn’t make the end product any better – again, Obsidian is the recipient of a disporportionate amount of sentimentality.

            All this unconditional support of Obsidian does is encourage publishers to keep screwing developers knowing that a franchise name is sufficient to move units even when an unfinished game goes to market.

            It’s not like we’re seeing this happen LESS often over time.

          • So, despite the fact that they had no control over the misfortunate parts of both TSL and NV, they are still guilty because of the fact they were the developer and that seems the most convenient place to place blame?

            Is that really what you think of people?

            Keep in mind that both of their big sequel games, New Vegas and KoTOR II, were both vast improvements over the original. In many different ways. Surely they earn some respect for that?

          • It’s good to see someone else who sees Obsidian for what they are. Yes, the key members of the studio all have great portfolios, but most of it was before Obsidian. Every game they have produced as Obsidian has been woefully mediocre, buggy or unfinished, they are yet to produce a polished gem.

            I will also note that I backed project eternity. I did not back it for Obsidian, I did it for the genre.

          • Obsidian does receive a lot of sentimentality because, despite the glitches and shortcomings, their products are wonderful and their stories intricate. FNV and KOTOR2 were still vastly better than the majority of games on the market at the time, despite flaws. We are always more offended by imperfections in games that are otherwise excellent. See: Mass Effect 3.

            I, like hydrakana have backed Project Eternity. Let us see how both P.E. and South Park turn out.

          • If Obsidian had once rushed to market with the excuse of it was the publishers fault fine – twice, that would be a bit of bad luck and stretching the realms of credibility, but ok i’d give them the benefit of the doubt.

            Anything beyond that is “dog ate my homework” territory.

            And, courtesy of the sentimentality people have for Obsidian, most people view their previous releases through the rose-colored glasses of history. The complaints of release day are easily forgotten after a year or two of patches.

            The voices that cried out against paying to be beta testers become the quiet support sighing “Good old reliable Obsidian!”

            And let’s face it, every other person complaining on the internet was blaming Bethesda for New Vegas, anyway.

          • But of course your other anomalies are debateable and ultimately down to personal experience. I won’t argue with Kotor 2 at all, it was unfinished, publishers being publishers etc etc. But personally Alpha protocol was fine and New vegas crashed once on my first playthrough, friends of mine never had it crash at all. Meanwhile I’ve had nothing but trouble from Bethesda games since Oblivion, every single release crashes again and again and again and again. I had to stop trying to play Fallout 3, and when I went back to with the goty and presumably the last patch it’s ever getting, it’s still got a massive flaw for quad cores which you have to go edit some ini settings to manage, something they could fix with a tiiiiiny patch. Personally I’ve always found Bethesda to get a disproportionate* amount of sentimentality, being that their buggy messes don’t really have the amazing writing the Obsidian’s buggy messes do.

            I’m waiting to see how Project Infinity turns out, for once they have their own time to finish and polish a game to their own standards, should be interesting.

    • No, that’s not a clone at all. The combat is vastly different. Plus, I have to put up with other players.

      Have you played either game?

      Also, TSL was an incredible game with or without the missing content. It improved on the original in so many ways.

  • I’d play a Star Wars action RPG with gameplay similar to Fallout: New Vegas. I was never a fan of the action-pausing and d6-rolling style. Although, VATS plus Lightsabre would be amazing.

  • I’d enjoy a Mass Effect-style shooter-RPG but that most likely won’t happen with 1313 being made, too.
    More likely it’ll be a Jedi on the run from being purged. I am definitely OK with this, too.

    • Ya. Plus, you can do so much more with the Old Republic era, given the amount of space in the timeline to work with.
      Besides, I’m a big fan of the chivalric romance of the Old Republic.

  • KoTOR was a classic. The sequel was rushed, but far from awful. Same as New Vegas. I’d just love to play a new, quality, single player Star Wars RPG… I don’t honestly care who makes it.

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