Mistreated Mother Fans Swarm Miiverse To Beg For Earthbound

There is perhaps no group of gamers more mistreated than Western Mother fans. While Japanese gamers have gotten all three games in the surreal RPG series, all we've gotten is Earthbound, a Super Nintendo localisation of Mother 2.

We didn't get Mother on NES, Mother 3 on Game Boy Advance, or any of the subsequent ports and re-releases — and Nintendo won't say why.

Rubbing salt on our Mr Saturn-sized wounds, last week Nintendo announced a release of Mother 2 for the Wii U's Virtual Console... in Japan. Nowhere else. (I asked a Nintendo rep if it will ever come here. The response: "We have nothing to announce about this game at this time.")

So Western gamers have taken to the Wii U's social network, Miiverse, to protest. Here are just some of hundreds of Mother-related posts on the Miiverse page for Balloon Fight (click to expand):

I love it. Occupy Miiverse!


    We have a franchise that can sell and has a fanbase, nope lets make another rehash mario.

    The fan translation for mother 3 was done really well. there's no reason to complain that you haven't played it.

    I missed the PAL version of Earthbound, so only got to play it on an emulator years after the fact.

    Found it a unique and enjoyable game.

    sure there is market and room enough for a 3DS or similar remake?

    Can anyone confirm the rumour that one of the reasons that they won't re-release it is because of two characters in it that resemble The Blues Brothers?
    Or is that just an urban myth?

      Mario and Luigi would resemble alot of guys in Victoria, yet we got every Mario game.

        yes but Victorians are copyrighted entities (unless they are Warrick Cappa).

    "There is perhaps no group of gamers more mistreated than Western Mother fans."
    So true :(

    With all this crap going around about Nintendo being doomed and that the Wii U is a flop(funny 3 million sold) now is the time for Nintendo to break this negativity and start releasing the classics on the virtual store. Mother series, all Zelda Games for the U, and Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed, Ruby/Sapphire on the 3Ds store, with the abilty to trade. I would have added Gold/Silver, but we have HeartGold/SoulSilver for that.

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