Of Course Call Of Duty's Name Was Eventually Going To Lead To A Fish-Blasting Parody

Call of Duty. Or, CoD. It's an abbreviation so ubiquitous it's kind of weird that nobody thought to do this sooner.

Indie dev Ryan Evans has made Cod of Duty, a short, simple game where you...shoot fish. You know. Cod. They're even (mostly) in a barrel, just to complete the whole Call of Duty experience.

Download it below on PC, Mac and Linux.

CoD of Duty: The Premier First Person Shooting Fish in a Barrel Simulator [Ryan Makes Stuff, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    And it's as easy as... well... you get the picture. :P


    Completely relevant I swear :)

      entirely relevant :D, you made my day good sir

    Your welcome. I NEVER thought I would have a chance to bust this guy out :D

    i lost, you must now praise our amphibious overlords, for i shall never serve them until the day i die

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