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It's been a long time coming — the folks at GOG have claimed that System Shock 2 was the most requested game to be brought onto the service, considering how difficult it was to actually find and play the game on modern PCs. But now the game is available for purchase at $9.99US.

This version apparently features updates to the original game alongside new material in System Shock 2's soundtrack.

System Shock 2 is seen by many as the spiritual predecessor of the BioShock series, with many of the themes in the game passed through to both BioShock and the upcoming BioShock Infinite. If you didn't get the chance to play it first time round, this is as good an opportunity as any.


    Make sure you install all the patches available from the looking glass website when (not if, when!) you get this and whack on some high res graphics with

    Also install Rebirth Complimented. For character meshes. Make sure you get complimented version. It has more characters reskinned and some improvements. No sexy boob-nurse. Ever. Bad idea.

    This game is awesome. Many a fun time were had playing it co-op.

    Babies must rest. Babies must sleep...

    Oh man, such a good game. Got this and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for Christmas '99. :D

    Played this aaaages ago, never finished it, was way too creepy. When I last went back to try again, it was to much hassle to get working on modern PCs. Will get this again, and finish it this time dammit!!

      So damn creepy. I once hid in the morgue for ten minutes because I heard spooky noises in the corridor. :D

      it's easy to get the original working. Just copy the SHOCK folder from your cd to your hdd.. then just have to download SS2Tool and run that to patch it. Can add in SHTUP and other mods if you like, but after running ss2Tool, it should just work (I'm running mine on win7 64 bit, and it works perfectly)

    This game is SO AWESOME.
    I highly recommend it. If there's one game you buy and play this year, make it this!

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    I've never played System Shock 2... I've heard so much about it... Never played it... Still not sure why I should even now.

      It's brilliant and has held up REALLY well. Thats why you should play it.

      Think of it like the film The Exorcist, a pure classic is always going to be terrifying even when the effects have dated slightly and SS2 fits this category perfectly.

      The gameplay systems remain unique despite many elements being borrowed by other titles. The levelling systems have been the inspiration for the Deus Ex games and (obviously) it’s spiritual successor the BioShock games. A good comparison is probably the Mass Effect games where SS2 is ME1 and Bioshock is Mass Effect 2. SS2 has more depth.

        I watched the Exorcist a few years back when I turned 18, I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I actually found it quite humurous at parts.

        All these "because it's awesome" responses don't make me want to play it, I'm sure it was great back in the day, and while I enjoy some classics from back in the day (Warcraft 2 FTW), I find it really hard to get into classics I had no exposure with when they were great.

        I'll probably give it a shot anyway, but everyone is probably going to bring my expectations up too high.

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      dah, because it's awesome. I played it when it was an 8 year old game and it stood the test of time. I'll definitely play it again.

      Sounds are super creepy, as is the bloody graffiti on the walls. It's just a good solid game. That's heaps of fun.

      if you liked BioShock, you'll LOVE this!

      well, I just bought it... Let's see what all the fuss is about..... SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE! :)

    I bought this game last night, I have always wanted to play this game but has never been available online for purchase.

    I sat down to play SS2 for the first time last night.
    I've only put an hour or so into the game.

    It's amazing.

    Scariest game I’ve ever played. Also one of the best.

    I never worked out how the enemy spawn system worked and they seemed to patrol the ship so you never ever felt safe.
    The sound was brilliant too and was often the only way to be aware of an approaching enemy.

    I played it again a year or two ago and it’s held up really well. The enemy AI design could teach an awful lot to the Dead Space/ Resident Evils of the world with their highly scripted, triggered jump “scares”.

      One of my first impression has been that the lack of a "backpeddle" key. Once on the Von Braun, I became instantly more worried about where I was going and how I was entering rooms, since I couldn't just run backwards. That alone would make a lot of modern 'survival/horrors' a lot scarier.

        You can most certainly move backwards in this game!
        Check your control config.

        Lol, yeah, you can. I'm pretty sure I would have died of fright like a little baby rabbit if I couldn't have.

      "I never worked out how the enemy spawn system worked and they seemed to patrol the ship so you never ever felt safe."

      I think the spawning is tied to the log play events. I swear every time I stop to play one, there are three monkeys behind me as if to say, "Sucker!"

      I tried the game before and it was the reason I stopped (and I don't have an endless supply of underwear) but I plan to finish it this time around.

    Now available on gogogogogogogogo play this game!

    Backwards (by default) is mapped to the 'X' key. One think you need to know about System Shock is (in my view) the keys are set for the elite of multi-taskers.

    I swear, its almost as if you can play this game with the inventory screen open the whole time and just use the keyboard for movement and fights and the mouse for research, logs, etc.

      Gah! This post was suppose to be in response to Mawt!

        It's alright, I worked out who it was meant for.

        I should probably also clarify that it's the lack of an "obvious" backpeddle key - since using QWE means your hand is resting slightly higher up the keyboard than it would if you were using WASD. It's likely hightened due to the last 13 odd years of shooters, but I find myself a lot more tense in SS2, since I find myself consciously thinking about what keys my fingers are resting on. I feel that those first few rooms wouldn't be nearly as tense if I was playing "subconsciously".

        Anyway, I really like the keyboard layout. It feels a lot smarter than most FPS games since just about forever. I really like the use of audio logs and voice acting, and the way the tutorial level and early deployment missions are set up is amazing.

          I personally prefer the WASD configuration, but I tolerate the default for now as there are so many commands to bind. Usually I play with a 360 controller but that is not an option here. The interface needs to be retooled if I want it to work on a console controller.

          To me, the current configuration feels like I'm playing Microsoft Flight Simulator and my goal is to land the tip of the plane on a postage stamp and with perfect balance.

          But, like I said, I plan to leave the default as it is and give it a chance.

    Hehe, I was sorting out my old stuff and came across my original boxed copy

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