The Most Insane Cyborgs In Japanese Video Games

Cyborgs in fiction are always associated with free will, morality, the importance of being human or the limits of the human body. Toughened up by the harsh, cruel worlds they live in, cyborgs are always insanely cool. We decided to collect some of the craziest ones from Japanese video games.

Maxima (King Of Fighters series)

Source: ReXXXSoprano's LP

Grobyc (Chrono Cross)

Source: Tom Pommes' LP

Yoshimitsu (Tekken, Soulcalibur series)

Source: SDTekken

Brad Fang (Contra: Hard Corps)

Source: LancerD1984's LP

Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy VII)

Source: KotRFFXIV's LP

Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)

Source: Capcom Wiki

Ziggurat 8 (Xenosaga)

Source: Helsionium's LP

Olga, grey Fox and Raiden (Metal Gear series)

Source: Metal Gear Wiki

There might be lots of other cool cyborg characters — you should tell us about your own suggestions in the comments below.


    Motoko Kusanagi....
    There was a GiTS game on PS2 (i never played it tho) :P

    I've never been big into Tekken, is Yoshimitsu actually a Cyborg?

    And not one Cyber-Ninja from Mortal Kombat?

    Last edited 21/02/13 10:11 pm

      Yeah, I wouldn't have to front up against any Cyrax, Sector or Smoke ninja cyborg. Or regular ninja.

        Fighting a ninja wouldn't be that bad, you'd be surprised about how you died so mysteriously but it would have been quick and you wouldn't have seen it coming.

    Edi , Mass Effect 3

    Last edited 22/02/13 8:56 am

    *ahem* samus aran anyone? the big daddys from bioshock? they dont have to be a ninja cyborg. but if we're going that way, im definitely going to say gray fox was the most insane. "HURT ME SNAKE". i wish hideo kojima would stop making cutscenes and make another video game.

    all the Metal Gear cyborgs/ninjas are the BEST!

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