The Coolest Mecha In Japanese Video Games

Besides mecha anime, video games also feature some of the most awesomely designed armoured fighting vehicles. Japanese games — mostly shooters — tend to dominate this field (sorry MechWarrior), so narrowing down our selection to Japenese mecha was an obvious decision from the beginning.

Deus (Xenogears)

Federation Assault Suit (Cybernator)

GEKKO (Metal Gear series)

The First Boss in Assault Suit Leynos II

YF-21 from Macross Plus (featured in various Macross and Super Robot Taisen games)

Prototype NEXT (Armored Core series)

Z-01Z Lancelot Albion from Code Geass (featured in Another Century’s Episode: R)

Jehuty (Zone of the Enders 1-2)

So, which Japanese video games do you think have the best mecha? Tell us below.

Sources: Metal Gear Wiki, amagishien’s LP, CGRundertow, ballerscuba’s LP,, Armored Core Wiki, shingin’s LP, Zone of the Enders Wiki

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