The New Ultima Can't Come Soon Enough

I've not seen a more tantalising "Coming Soon" at the end of a trailer in quite some time. Set 21 years after the events of 1985's Ultima IV, Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar looks to capture the feel of that classic role-playing game with modern-day mechanics.

What was originally planned as a reimagining of Ultima IV now looks to be a sequel of sorts. There's a new threat to Britannia, Richard Garriott has been given a sex change (they had to, he owns the rights to Lord British), and hours upon hours of action role-playing and important decisions await, all for the low price of free.

I just hope EA Mobile gives us enough of a heads-up on the release date for me to request a little time off.


    App store? fail

      that's pretty shit... not even android :( Ultima is probably my all time fav rpg series. Perhaps tied with Gothic.. I dun wanna miss out just cos I don't have mapple stuff :( fags

        agreed, across all major mobile platforms would have been nicer, but you know its going to be crap with touch screen controls

          If they released it on PC and I could play at 1920x1200, I'd be in heaven!

    This doesn't look or feel like Ultima at all. :-( Looks more like Diablo by way of Gauntlet. My money's on it being as awful as other EA attempts to mine their origin properties, such as Wing Commander Arena.

    eww, get your mmo out of my rpg

    Oh man.. Beware the Black Weep! TERRIFYING! How did they manage to make it look about as scary as leaving your cereal in the milk too long before starting on it? Not particularly compelling stuff.

    Looks like they have nothing more than a generic action rpg and a license only remembered fondly by people who probably hate EA for destroying Origin and more recently playing a very belated Weekend At Bernies trick with its name for their online service.

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