The PlayStation 4's Specs, In Brief

We've been speculating and spilling them for months, but Sony has finally revealed — at least partially — the basic spec sheet for the PS4. It's... very basic, but as you can see, there's 8GB of RAM, a hard drive and an x86 CPU.

We knew many of these specs (and then some) earlier, but there was always conjecture over whether the 8GB of RAM found on the dev kits would be reduced on retail models. Guess not!


    oh mann all this tease!! I cannot take it anymore!!! cmon please reveal the final PS4/Orbis!! it's sooo delicioussss!!!! cannot wait for the overall revealllllllll!!!

    The funny thing about that 8GB of RAM... It's actually quite small. (Not saying it's not enough, for it's purpose it's really awesome)

    At work, we're equipping some of our dudes with 32GB of RAM on their laptops!... 16GB of RAM in the mainstream Latitude series only costs us like $160

      xbox 360 has 512mb only so its quite a step up

        And the Xbox launched when 2-4GB was the norm. With home PC's and laptops being easily configurable up to 16-32 already 8GB does sound underwhelming (Again, for what it's being used for, it should be more than sufficient as no games out there should be consuming the full 8GB)

          It's 8GB of GDDR5 which is "fast" ram and it's expensive.

            GDDR5 isn't "fast" RAM. In some respects it's actually much slower than DDR3. The two types of RAM are pretty much made for entirely different jobs. DDR3 is made to work with CPU instruction sets and GDDR5 is made to work with GPU instruction sets.

            DDR3 uses 64 bit memory controllers per channel (so 128 bit on dual channel or 192 bit on triple channel).
            GDDR5 uses 32 bit memory controllers but the graphics card designer can add as many controllers as they can fit on the die.
            DDR3 controllers either process input or output but not both each processor cycle.
            GDDR5 splits the 32 bit controller into a 16 bit input and 16 bit output.
            So this means GDDR5 will have steadier io when engaging in tasks that involve lots of input or output, but will have less bandwidth available than DDR3 in cases where the task is heavily involving just input or output.
            The latencies of DDR3 are much lower than the latencies of GDDR5, so GDDR5 is actually slower at simple operations than DDR3.
            DDR5 has higher bandwidth than DDR3 so is quicker at complex operations.

            You are comparing apples and oranges. I'm over-simplifying with that explanation but hopefully you now understand that using GDDR5 as system memory is a terrible idea.

      Does your laptop have GDDR5 ram?

      Yeah, but you have to remember that PC's have a lot of processes running that eat up ram that have nothing to do with playing a game. They'll be able to get a lot more out of that 8GB than you would on a PC.

        I do understand that, hence why I said (Not saying it's not enough, for it's purpose it's really awesome)

      Consoles are specialised devices. They need less hardware to perform the same tasks as as PCs because they are not weighted down by an operating system and a wide configuration of components and drivers.

      Consoles also have specialised buses and components solely for gaming. So while small, this hardware is more than enough.

      Either way, hardware is irrelivant, its the games that matter. If it stinks on a PC with top hardware, the same concept will stink even if it's on an XBox, Atari 2600 etc.

        The hardware is hardly irrelevant. Games development is severely hamstrung by the hardware limitations of the current breed. If you play first person games you will have noticed that environments are becoming highly detailed but much smaller, with many load points and cramped, small levels, this seems to be a result of memory limitations imposed by the older consoles. Most of the graphics gains now are shortcuts like 2d images used for backgrounds to reduce the load. 8gb might be sufficient this year but this console will be a pain in the ass of gaming for the next 5-10 years.

      Please note that GDDR5 RAM is approximately twice as powerful as DDR3 RAM. And I highly douubt that your job would equip you with $3000 dollar laptops, (Considering that it would take a bloody powerful processor and an expensive motherboard to even be able to use that much RAM) So I think you might be telling a little fib.

    oh wow, what a letdown, no more fancy cell chips, it's just an outdated pc in a fancy box.
    welcome to next gen!

    hahahaha, if these are the specs of the next gen console, the pc I built 2 years ago is the next next gen console (quad core HT x64 CPU, 16GB ram (not shared), nvidia 580 with 1.5 GB mem (not shared)).

    This is so laughable that this is a Next Gen console. It's tech stack is about 4 years old.

      Your 2 year old PC can suck my big wrinkled hairy nut suck.

      You are just trolling. There is no commodity PC on the market that has the same specs or the same capabilities as the PS4. You only need 16GB of memory because you have to run Windows and Microsoft word in the background and so that clippy can popup and ask if you need help writing a comment on Kotaku. Can you go out and buy an 8 core CPU that isn't designed for a rack server? No. Go away.

      Maybe you should take a look at some of the data transfer speeds from the Orbis spec. You won't be seeing that in your porn box for many years.

      I always find it amusing that most people tend to think that more memory means more performance. It just means more bloated software that can run in the background. Like those 50 windows backend processes taking up 100mb each. You don't have that issue on a console.

      Last edited 21/02/13 11:54 am

        hahaha, challenge accepted. Not sure where you got that I mentioned an 8 core cpu (it's 4 core with HyperThreading)

        My PC's CPU:

        It cost all of $250 two years ago. current CPUS with the same performance go for a lot less than that.

        Your right, I don't need 16GB of ram of memory to run Games that you can buy on a console. Most of those top out at 2GB. But when I run my games in a resolution higher than 1080 HD, it does help.

        I'm only proving that the Console Wars are laughable at what they consider next gen.

        Want a flame war, you got it.

        You new $300 console isn't going to outperform a $1500 computer from 2 years ago any more than a modern i3 processor is going to out perform an original series i7.

        While Stewart Walker was obviously aiming to push buttons, I currently have an 8 core CPU in my home rig (which most certainly isn't a rack server) that I built last year. Cost me $218, and I certainly didn't look around for the best pricing.

        And technically, consoles do run background processes in the way of their in-game dashboards, and continue to run more and more with each generation. Hell, the current 360 dash gets slower and slower with each update, and I've had it freeze certain games for a few seconds when you get an achievement (on both the original model and slim). And don't even get me started on checking messages while you're in a game...

        Can you go out and buy an 8 core CPU that isn't designed for a rack server?

        Yes, 15 min walk to my local computer shop and I can pick up an 8-core Bulldozer APU for $165 if I buy the FX-8120 (and going all the way up to $215 for the FX-8350). Granted, the PS4 is expected to be based on the Jaguar microarchitecture (the successor to Bobcat), and these CPUs are Bulldozer-based (the non-low-power companion to Bobcat), but we're pretty much talking about the same thing, and in any event Jaguar-based APUs will have come to market by the time the PS4 is out.

        Maybe you should take a look at some of the data transfer speeds from the Orbis spec. You won't be seeing that in your porn box for many years.

        My HD 7950 has memory bandwidth of 240GB/sec, which is more than the 176GB/sec on the PS4, according to Sony's press release. My lowly DDR3 system RAM is slower, yes, but stepping all the way up to GDDR5 speeds for system RAM is overkill.

        Like those 50 windows backend processes taking up 100mb each. You don't have that issue on a console.

        Well, with maybe a hundred Chrome tabs, Steam, Word and several other applications running (not to mention Win7) I'm using about 3.5GB of my 8GB of system memory. The graphics card has 3GB of its own memory, so really I have as much available as a PS4 using 1/2 a GB of its RAM, which is probably lower than it will actually use.

        No current game uses that much RAM anyway, though of course, should I really find myself hard up for RAM, I can pop down to the computer shop (the same one that sells those 8-core CPUs) and just buy some more, since this is a PC and I can upgrade it at any time.

        Your PC is also running a large multi-purpose operating system in the background while you game.

      There's no doubt Sony could have given PS4 hardware to match the latest PC tech. But then, the price would go up something chronic. They are catering for a mass market crowd, not a niche gaming crowd.

      Consoles are for people who care less about such things. Myself included.

        correct, but the tech they have given it isn't even cutting edge 3 years ago. I just find it sad that people buy into the marketing BS they spin and thinking that the PS4 is the best and nothing is better it.

        Considering they havent even announced a price, the price still CAN go up to something chronic. Hell, wouldn't surprise me to see them announce $599 again ("Taking into consideration inflation its cheaper than the PS3 on launch!")

      But was your PC "SUPERCHARGED"? Vroom Vroom baby. :)
      Can't wait to see what supercharged actually means.

        I have a feeling "Supercharged" will be similar to Blast Processing from the Genesis/Mega Drive days.

      Pull your head out of your ass... My i7-950 and 12GB of RAM is "next-gen" as well, but you know what... I'm still interested in the PS4 because the exclusives is where the console will shine... The Uncharted series, running on a 7 year old console are some of the prettiest games out there... I cannot wait to see what Naughty Dog pull out for the PS4.

      When will people just be gamers rather than platform fanboys?

    System Memory: 8GB
    Video Memory: 2.2GB
    CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so 8x cores)
    GPU: AMD R10xx
    Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
    Drive: Blu-ray
    HDD: 160GB
    Audio Output: HDMI and Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

    You got to be kidding me right? This is 2 year old tech.

    System memory only 8gb? Thats like $60 cmon
    Video memory means nothing, you only need 1gb to drive a 1080 display with DX10...
    CPU so its almost as powerful as a ivy bridge quad running at 3.4ghz. which in itself is old hat
    GPU AMD enough said.
    Ports woopdie doo
    Drive irrelevant
    hdd wow only 160gb, good luck with that
    audio output woopdie doo

      It's a dedicated machi--- actually I can't be bothered.

        To be fair they aren't really dedicated machines anymore, I couldn't believe that the WiiU used 1 of its 2gb just for the OS.

        I wish my xbox didn't have 10 pages on the dashboard that had nothing to do with games, I liked the old dashboard more. :(

    Why didn't they actually show the console during the keynote?
    I missed the first couple of minutes but can't see any images of the actual device anywhere.

    Just please reduce the horrid loading times that appear on the PS3. And if you're going all social, I expect you've found a way to stop PSN from constantly disconnecting. And no, it's not my link. It's PSfN... It's shit.

    I love that the people complaining about the hardware do not seem to realise that this needs to fit into a package that costs somewhere around $400 - $600. Which other than the parts and assembly, also needs to include licensing fees, shipping, taxes, even the boxing it comes in. In reality the specs are actually quite beefy. The original PS3 was/is 512MB of SHARED memory. That's TINY. This has 16 times the amount of ram. SIXTEEN. That's HUGE. Your games won't even know what to do with all that RAM.

    The processor admittedly isn't that much better, but realistically, the PS3's cell processor was only ever stressed as it had to pick up all of the work as the other components really weren't up to scratch. With the GPU and RAM being greatly upgraded, the CPU will likely be understressed.

    @Stewart Walker

    A good lesson to learn in life is if somebody rebuttles with you or tells you that you are wrong, it's always a good idea to not be so quick to reply and to do some research about it.

    Still can't tell if you are trolling or not.

    If you go into a store and see 8gb of ram for $50, and 8gb of ram for $250. Are they both the same ram? Or is one signification better performing than the other.

    When you buy a motherboard, some of them can not take advantage of certain features and clocks of ram. You could buy a 2000mhz ram but your mb can only support 1337mhz ram.
    Your graphics card can't unlock some of it's features because your motherboard was built to take advantage of other graphics cards. The architecture of your motherboard is made for intensive CPU calculations and not have an efficient route for GPU interaction.

    Now think how big of a benefit having a computer custom built, where each part like the CPU, graphics card and ram were all specifically built modified to work in unison together. The performance you can get out of the system this way is staggeringly more efficient.
    Take into consideration games are being built specifically for this hardware and you have a winning combination that IS more powerful than your computer.

    The motherboard, cpu, ram and graphics were all specifically designed just for the PS4 to run at optimum efficiency for the tasks it is going to run.

    You can't be too blind sighted by the specs because '8gb' means NOTHING in terms of performance. ram is not a little piece of plastic with a microchip on top that says '8gb'. There is a lot more to it than that. Computers are incredibly complicated instruments.

    When you see 2 cameras next to eachother, one says '8mega pixel' and one with '6mega pixel', do you automatically think the 8megapixel one is better because the number is higher? More often than not it wont be. The quality of the image relies HEAVILY on the quality of optics and circuits for good quality picture. A common example is cheap chinese webcams on ebay that say they are 10mp and cost $13. The picture looks like complete ass! Buy a logitech 2mp webcam and the quality of image is way better.

    Nobody wants a flamewar, people just want to inform that your knowledge is a little off and want to educate you. Don't be so quick to attack someone and assume you are right. Always do research about a topic if someone tells you that you are wrong, even if you know for a fact you are right, because as much as you think you are right there is still a chance you are missinformed.

    Last edited 21/02/13 1:04 pm

    If crytek can make crysis 3 on consoles look like that. When xbox and ps3 are essentially garbage at this point, What on earth can be done with these specs when effort is put programming just for them. That's the key thing. Even if these aren't new, they're miles ahead of current consoles. So we should be getting better out of current PCs when the games start hitting. Hopefully being a 'supercharged' pc will mean it'll be easier for cross platform parity. Or up scaling for PC.

    You want them to be at a point where they do have really good freedom to make large complicated games with advanced features.

    What people don't understand is that these specs will most likely produce better graphics than anything a PC will for quite some time. This is because every PS4 will have the same specs, therefore it is easier to optimise than PC. Why else do you think that games like The Last of Us look almost as good as the best-looking PC games while running on 6-7 year old tech? I think the glory days of PC gaming could be nearing their end (apart from modding).

      Bacchus what delusional world do you live in??

      "What people don't understand is that these specs will most likely produce better graphics than anything a PC will for quite some time" Really you truly believe this? PS4 is 2 year old tech at best and I doubt it will do anything more than DX10 which in itself is pushing 7 years old.

      "Why else do you think that games like The Last of Us look almost as good as the best-looking PC games while running on 6-7 year old tech?"
      All those games you see on today consoles are all based on DX9 which was released December 19, 2002. My current PC has a card capable of running DX11.1. So who is the one holding who back? The only reason you dont see anything remotely capable of stressing todays PC's is because the consoles current or next generation will not be remotely capable of running it! Shall we go back to 2007 when Crysis was released. The PS4 is only now capable of running that game all be it at only 720p resolutions and not like my PC in 2007 at full HD was fully capable of running and its a 5 years old already. How far do you think PC hardware has come in 5 years? There is no game on the market even a mid level machine with a half decent graphics cant run better and at higher resolutions than current gen consoles.

        I live in the world of a multiplatform gamer with a high end PC. You make a few valid points but your Crysis argument sucks; Crysis 2 and 3 look tons better than the original and are run better. Crysis 1 was horribly optimised. Refer to runningelephant's comment above to see what I'm getting at

          Its called getting better at programming and understanding how to "trick" graphics engines into doing things differently than previously thought impossible. Nothing more nothing less. The fact that Crysis 2 and 3 run better and look better has no relevance to the console they run on itself. One thing is for sure, both crysis 2 and crysis 3 are no where near what they could possibly be like due to the fact that they have been tailored to run on shitty consoles. Imagine what it could have looked like if it was left to a PC only game.

          I am surprised that you, a person who apparently went to the trouble and expense of getting a high-end PC, would declare that the "glory days of PC gaming could be nearing their end" as though you are a commentator for a mainstream hack journalism games website (like IGN).

          Pretty sure "the death (or crippling) of PC gaming" has been bandied about for years ever since the 360, Wii and PS3 rose to dominate the gaming market, and yet it keeps chugging along. Sure, it's not nearly as big as it once was, but Steam is doing well, indie and crowdsourced gaming titles are ever on the rise and some major publishers and developers have lately made games that they have said should be played on the PC for best results.

          Even Epic, previously hostile to PC gaming (even though they used to be a PC developer), has recently unveiled a PC game. Pretty amazing considering a couple of years ago Cliff Bleszinski was mocking PC gamers for his company's failure to release a Bulletstorm PC demo.

          I think the PC won't be a dominant platform again, but it will also be okay.

            I think we're going to see some very muddy waters soon. Steam are entering the console market with what looks like a PC without windows, once computers are in the lounge room and coming from multiple vendors the old guard (sony, MS, nintendo) are going to have a hard time. Early adoption might only be from the tech savvy but like everything else mainstream adoption will follow.

            The steambox/piston/whatever is unlikely to take over the world in a day but it will make a huge inroad for PCs in living rooms, several other companies are going there already.

            Once you have a mouse and keyboard in the living room and full, unrestricted access to whatever online content or game (or app, skype and facebook vs shitty console social apps? yes please) you want vs. the walled garden and paid subscription model Xbox it should be pretty clear who will come out on top in the long run.

            These new vendors of cheapish living room targetted PCs will also not have a 10 year console hardware upgrade cycle.

    This photo sums it up well

    Good lord the amount of tech jargon being thrown around is hilarious! It's like children trying to do the biggest licorice strip on their push bikes!

    The whole next-generation concept is greatly misinterpreted by those who really should know better (I'm looking at you geek speakers!!).
    Next-generation means, as it says, the next generation of whatever it is that is being referred to. The PS4 is the next generation of console compared to what is available today. The fact that its spec is 'old' or 'outdated' or whatever compared to a current high end PC is irrelevant and quite frankly a stupid argument.
    The PS4 is miles ahead of the current crop of gaming consoles and is rightly referred to as next generation.

    The only thing laughable about all of this, is that the 'geek-speak, mine's bigger than yours' crowd don't seem to realise the concept of next generation!

    can i reformat it to run linux and install steam box on it?

    I'm excited for what the high-budget games will look like, once they've settled into the PS4 groove and know how to use it to it's highest capabilities. But there's still the fact that with higher production values comes more work, and necessarily larger budgets.
    Indie studios - where the best games of the last few years have come from - don't have that kind of money, so arguing about power is pretty relative to what kinds of games you'll want to play. The Witness will not be a top-tier game visually, a la Watch Dogs, yet it's getting pride and place in the conference to emphasize that Sony are embracing smaller developers even more so than in the last two years of the PSN release schedule. Gaming is maturing, and I think we're coming to a point where - ironically enough - visuals are mattering less and less.

    PS4 FTW!!!

    Just give me kingdom hearts 3 on the ps3 ( the main and only reason i bought the ps3)

    There seems to be a very distinct lack of detail around the optical drive. I've not been able to find any source stating for sure what the optical drive will be. Logic would assume it's a blu-ray drive, but you can never be sure with these things that Sony likes to do.

    I'm highly impressed that it is an x86 CPU. One of the biggest things that developers hated about ps3 was that it was so difficult to program for. The different architectures between PC, Xbox and PS meant that the port was never as nice as the game on the lead development platform. Now with them all being x86 based, games should be ported far cleaner, meaning quicker releases between platforms, and a more consistent experience.

    As a PC gamer, this makes me very happy, as we tend to be an afterthought therefore missing out on the best experience.

    You cannot directly compare a console specs with that of a pc, the PS4 will for a year or two have games that look at least as good as a high-end pc, but then the pc will break away as newer gpu's are released.
    When I say high-end I mean a fast quad-core with something like a AMD 7950 or an Nividia 670, not some five grand monster with 3XGTX680's in sli.
    And 8GB is heaps of memory for a dedicated games machine, the 360/PS3 had only 512MB when standard pc's of the day had 2-4GB, now 8GB is the standard of the day and this is the first time a console has had as much memory as a pc.

      What new gaming PC would have 8GB? That would really be a bare minimum.
      That memory is also shared memory whereas a PC would have 8 (but more likely 16GB) of ram + a discrete graphics card with 1GB or now 2GB of video memory.
      There are no "dedicated" gaming machines any more, PS4 will have a less functional but more efficient OS than windows for sure but it will still be running a dozen apps in the background for the PS store, network connectivity, social apps, video recording/sending/receiving etc.

      The "next generation" that everyone talks about is really PCs in the lounge room, I dont think a console can compete very well once a PC with a real keyboard and no arbitrary console limitations is available at a similar price point.
      This is a great thing for gamers, if the Xbox/Playstation stranglehold on developers can be broken we will see a real return to the glory days of gaming.

      Maybe one day we won't really remember all the god awful COD sequels and identical clones of the last few years and we can get back into games with stories.

    I fully understand that, hence why I said (Not saying it's not enough, for it's purpose it's really awesome)

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