The Sad Story Of An Aussie Who's Selling His Game Collection For Love

Aussie games collector Onur Gonullu has, in just five years, amassed a haul of 550 mostly retro video games, which can be played on over 20 mostly retro video game consoles, from the Famicom to the Master System to the Xbox. He's spent over $US6000, and it's a collection to be proud of.

So it's sad to see Onur has, as we would say, pulled up stumps and is walking away. Not because he's dying from cancer, or because he needs to fund a trip to Japan to buy more games, but because he's... getting married.

Say it ain't so, Onur.

"I am growing up, really," he told the Sydney Morning Herald. "If I had time I would play them, I would, but I don't — I like to go fishing."

With the collection priced at a modest $US4200, the proceeds are going

"Family is much more important and it is time."

Well. Good luck, Onur. Those of us older than you but yet to grow up will pour one out for you and your collection.

Game boy consoles himself over mega-sale [SMH]


    oh gawsh....that IS sad. I did the same a few years ago.

    I didn't have a collection anywhere as big by all means, but I ended up selling some real gems such a CIB Harvest Moon for SNES, and of course all my other games and consoles (Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, SNES, Wii). The only one I kep twas my 360.

    Fast forward to now, I'm married with a job and mortgage, but I TOTALLY REGRET DOING THAT. Especially seeing how Harvest Moon SNES goes for several hundred on eBay. Now I'm painstakingly rebuying everything back......

      Really! I have Harvest Moon SNES. Don't have the box though.

      As for this guy, don't do it man! If you're doing it just because you think it'll make your woman happy, in the end it'll only make you unhappy.

    550 games in five years? Wow.

    Pretty sure I'd be around that number now... after maybe twenty years!

    "Family is more important"?? Shitty excuse. I have a family, we all game often and have great fun together! That said though, that would take up a lot of space and it's not like these can't be found via ROM/Emulator sites. It's not the same, and it's a real shame he's getting rid of this, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Though I like that he says "I am growing up, really", like when you're having an argument with a work colleague and you say "I do like you, no, really". lol

    I bet deep down he doesn't want to do this. It's amazing what we'll do for a significant other. I predict one of two things - he'll end up separated and heartily depressed he ever sold all this amazing gear, or he'll be married and heartily depressed he sold all this amazing gear.

    $4200. Think of all these amazing games becoming furniture - and probably not even that much of it. Maybe a couch, a bed and some other bits and pieces - such a waste.

    I remember 'growing up' (playing significantly less games/selling games, etc) when I was in a long-term relationship. I wasn't growing up, so much as being less nerdy to fit social conventions or what my partner thought I should/shouldn't be doing.

    I always said, 'oh, I'm just over it', etc, but deep down I knew it wasn't what I wanted.

      "I remember 'growing up' (playing significantly less games/selling games, etc) when I was in a long-term relationship. I wasn't growing up, so much as being less nerdy to fit social conventions or what my partner thought I should/shouldn't be doing."

      Yeah I can remember doing this for a bit too. Now I'm back to my nerdy self and me and my partner play video games together. Huzzah!

    So he sells it all for love, companionship and the theory of sex on tap.
    Fast forward a few years, when the first kid is born and he'll be kicking himself he sold those games as they're the only things he'll be playing with when she starts using her girly bits as a bargaining chip and accusing him of only thinking about sex. Stupid man!

      Wow, dude...

      I hope to hell this is a joke post. That is a shitty and abusive relationship. If yours is like that, run.

        It unfortunately wasn't a joke and thankfully it wasn't me. I have a massive games and console collection and would never sell it because a woman told me too.

          I would never sell my game collection for a woman either.

          Also, the last part of Unicrons comment is 100% accurate.

            Anyone who uses sex as a bargaining tool or as part of a serious punishment/reward system is abusive and nobody should enter a relationship with them. Ever. Goddamn that poor guy.

            Not even worth it to stay with her for the kids. You give the kids a fucked up idea of how relationships work.

    If he wants to do it thats fine, but if his fiancee is making him do it, run man, find someone else, she's not the one.

    Lol, his kids are going to find out and go "whyyyyyy daddyyyyyy"

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