These Aren't Dragon Ball Space Pods, But Hell, You Can Buy Them Anyway

Japanese retailer Tokyu Hands has an array of interesting products. Its latest could be the most interesting yet: survival pods that look straight out of Dragon Ball Z.

Last fall, numerous tech sites, including sister site Gizmodo and Japan's Gigazine, covered "Life Armour", which are Japanese survival capsules for those worried about another devastating earthquake.

Recently, on Japan's largest web forum, 2ch, people uploaded photos of Life Armour, after spotting the product in Tokyu Hands. Yes, that means these are being sold in stores.

You can even order custom paint jobs.

For your kids?

Of course, other 2ch commenters quickly pointed out that Life Armour looks like the Attack Pods in Dragon Ball Z. Attack Pods (aka Space Pods or Saiyan Pods) are used for interplanetary travel in Dragon Ball Z. Other commenters said that aliens arrived in Russia in one of these.

Life Armour is priced at over $5000 and can withstand external pressures of 8.4 tonnes and drops from over 25m.

Sadly, that probably isn't strong enough for interstellar travel.

新宿の東急ハンズでベジータの宇宙船売ってたwww [暇人速報]


    In the top picture you see two capsules from Dragon Ball Z, I see a squashed duck with pink eyes.

      or a dragon that's just copped a shot to the nuts.

    I like that it says it can withstand a 25 m drop, but can the contents inside?

      I was thinking the same thing.

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