Colonel Sanders Dressed In Dragon Ball Z, Doesn't Unleash A Kamehameha

So good! In Japan, KFC is teaming up with the new Dragon Ball Z anime film, offering DBZ goodies when you order special meal deals. But that's not all.

As previously mentioned here, Japanese KFCs usually have Colonel Sanders statues out front. And now, at seven locations across Japan, the Colonel is dressed as Dragon Ball character Goku and holding one of the seven starred Dragon Balls.

For example, Japanese website Fun! spotted the four-starred ball in Tokyo's Ebisu. Other locations include Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Osaka and Okinawa. See all seven and ask the Colonel to grant you a lifetime of free fried chicken!

ケンタッキーのカーネルおじさんが、ドラゴンボールの悟空に! [Fun!]


    They will need to use that wish to unclog their arteries.....

    No mention on what the DBZ goodies are? :(

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