These Games Let You Play As Cats

These Games Let You Play As Cats

Probably every animal species you can think of is playable or can be found in some form in video games, but today we decided to find those games where you can play as a cat. Any cat. Domestic cats or any one of the wild cats: tigers, lions, cheetahs, all included.

Cait Sith, a remote-controlled cat riding a robot moogle (that’s still a cat right?) from Final Fantasy VII is the first one that comes to mind.

Source: FF Wiki

Klonoa has to travel to places where dreams are in danger in the Klonoa series.

Source: frokenok3‘s LP

Big the Cat was introduced as a playable character in Sonic Adventure.

Source: Cyberman65‘s LP

Bubsy is one strange bobcat from the Bubsy platformer series.

Source: SSP’s LP

Felicia, the catgirl from Darkstalkers is an obvious choice as she’s a signature character of the Capcom fighting games.

Source: KaboXx on Deviantart

I still have nightmares from the 1983 Atari game Alley Cat because of that (clearly overpowered) dog.

Source: Subypowa‘s LP

The mobile game Techno Kitten Adventure is based on the Nyan Cat meme.


Myau the Musk Cat is a party member in Phantasy Star.

Source: FFL2and3rocks’ LP

There are quite a few Tom & Jerry games; this image is from the PS2 fighting game War Of The Whiskers.

Source: PandaCrate‘s LP

You can control (with caution — the game has, well, issues) Hercules, Aries and Apollo in The Cheetahmen — part of Action 52 — on the NES.

Source: SwordlessLnk‘s LP

Of course, there are other games with cat characters. Make sure to submit your picks with images in the comments below.


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