A Moment To Honour The Chrono Trigger Cats

Oh, little orange kitty with the triangle on your chest, thank you for following me around my house. Your companionship and high-pitched meows are ever brightening my days.

One fine morn, I skipped merrily to the Millennial Fair and won the beanbag throw in an attempt to bring you home a cat friend, but now, suddenly, there are many, many more of you. You really… you really multiplied yourself quickly there, didn’t you. You think they make litter boxes big enough for you AND your wife and five children? You think I’m made of G? Screw you, kitty. You’re going to spend the night OUTSIDE.

There are many cats in video games: Evil the Cat from Earthworm Jim, Katt Monroe from Starfox, Cait Sith from Final Fantasy, and all of those cougars that surprise-attack John Marston and try to bite off his head. But none compare to the tiny pixilated kitties from Chrono Trigger, and just like real cats, I don’t think these felines are getting the attention they insist they deserve.

So, this is for you, Chrono Trigger cats. Let you now be fresh in the memories of people everywhere! Go my gaming friends, go to Leene Square and return that whiny little girl’s cat to her. Go hang out with the purple cat, Alfador, so you can say, “Yo Magus, dis yo cat?” Go bet on Catalack (Cadillac?) to win 20 Silver Points in the Millennial Fair race-the old man even said that puss would kick everyone’s ass! Indeed, he’s quite spry, that Catalack, and we salute him.

And when you think cats, what is the next thing that pops into your head? That’s right, catchy dance music. Trash80 has really secured his place as my favourite chip musician with his track, “Kitty Kitty”, where he sampled the “mew” from the Chrono Trigger cat and made it into a song. Chipmusic and cats… I can die happy. Download the track for free at his website.

Well, Chrono Trigger kitty, I don’t have much to say about you, except that you’re adorable, a great companion, and I’ve considered tattooing your picture on my ankle. (Hell, win a few more of those races and I’ll schedule to get inked next week.) You’re really fooling no one; we all know you’re a time traveller, and we admire your spunk, tenacity, and appetite for adventure.

…But that still doesn’t mean I’m going to let you climb the screen door.

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