Watch Heavy Rain’s Creator Talk About How Gaming Needs To Grow Up

Watch Heavy Rain’s Creator Talk About How Gaming Needs To Grow Up

Yesterday at DICE, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage gave a provocative talk titled “The Peter Pan Syndrome: The Industry That Refused to Grow Up.”

Stephen’s already written up the salient points of the talk, and now you can watch the talk in its entirety online.

So, sit back and watch one of video gaming’s most outspoken creators talk about censorship, the role of the press, working with Hollywood, and the importance of voting for change with your wallet. Think like a grown-up! And when you’re done doing that, go have an Indigo Prophecy dance party.


  • This guy winds me up.

    Look, I really admire what Cage does and I suspect the industry is a better place for his talent; but he seems to insist on fulfilling the role of an “auteur” and I think that’s a step too far for his abilities.

    I wish that he’d employ some decent script writers, decent directors and use his considerable passion and production talent to really shake up the interactive fiction market rather than consistently show awesome potential – but just fall short of quality every time.

    Sadly he seems content to relish in criticising the industry in the most banal ways – I say, physician, heal thyself.

    Sorry … rant over.

  • Gaming doesn’t need to grow up. GAMERS NEED TO GROW UP. Too many gamers are living on government welfare and spend all that tax payer money on their Steam sales.
    Games are fine. Gamers are the problem

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